top Feral Inspiration


Escape captivity or domestication. This notion as always been an inspiration. I find it very difficult to be part of anything. If i admire, i am in and out of what i commend, only to end-up at a distance from what i eulogize...
Been like this for most of my life, not really understanding at the time the reason why. Now i have matured, i still can't put my finger on it.

No longer harbor the inspiration or a notion of the Free-Living...!

top Lord Bison

Grow food, learn to fight, learn medicine, destroy what destroys you-substances that allow for escapism. Organize without any kind of leaders and bosses. Make police and military obsolete, sabotage instruments of control and surveillance. Steal, make and share everything you can, and please don't subject those without a voice, subjecting animals to ones will is FUCKING evil!

Throughout history, psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, and assorted antisocial-personality-disordered individuals have ruled societies. Psychopaths and sociopaths often exhibit glibness and superficial charm, have a grandiose sense of self-worth, are pathological liars, display extreme narcissism, are deceitful, cunning and manipulative, exhibit a lack of remorse or guilt, show a callous disregard for the feelings of others, have no conscience, lack empathy, and fail to accept responsibility for their actions. In a competitive world, the people who act immorally, who have no regard for truth, are going to have an advantage over those who play by the rules. The result is that those who achieve positions of power will be the most ruthless, the most sociopathic, the ones without conscience. In societies run by psychopaths, ambitious individuals and sycophants, who are not clinically psychopathic, are induced to model themselves after powerful psychopaths in order to achieve power. The result: psychopaths breed more psychopaths.When members of our ruling class – corporate leaders, bankers, media executives, academics, military officers, government officials, members of Congress, and even Presidents – are liars and deceivers, and are ruthless, callous manipulators who have no regard for truth or other people, the entire fabric of society is twisted in their image, and psychopathic behavior becomes the norm.Our world is characterized by: permanent war, full-spectrum dominance, targeted assassinations, rendition, torture, water-boarding, mercenaries, Blackwater, paramilitaries, Contras, cruise missiles, drones, landmines, cluster bombs, napalm, Agent Orange, depleted uranium, biological and chemical weapons, enemy combatants, shock and awe, mujahideen, al-Qaeda, Taliban, Islamic State, state terrorism, false flags, 9/11, color revolutions, regime change, coup d’etats, sanctions, drug trafficking, money laundering, plausible deniability, impunity, fascism and neo-fascism, Auschwitz, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, genocide, apartheid, dictatorship, plutocracy, oligarchy, kleptocracy, political sociopaths and narcissists, corruption, predatory capitalism, profiteering, tax havens, bank bail-outs and bail-ins, too-big-to-fail, monopoly capitalism, financialization, corporatism, corporate personhood, golden parachutes, fracking, mountain-top removal, tar sands, Fukashima, laboratory-created diseases, genetically-engineered food, glyphosate, three-strikes, maximum-security, corporate media, public relations, propaganda, surveillance, RFID chips, optical scans, facial recognition, globalization, austerity, structural adjustment, exploitation, poverty, the New World Order.It is clear that this world has not been built by caring human beings, but has been constructed and is run by powerful hallow soulless individuals.And, despite the violence, suffering and chaos they have caused, we allow them to remain at the top, and in control.

top She Blessed Me With Red Paint

Self-indulgence, indulgence, pursuit of pleasure, pleasure-seeking, lotus-eating, epicureanism, epicurism, self-gratification, lack of self-restraint, intemperance, intemperateness, immoderation, overindulgence, overconsumption, excess, extravagance, luxury, the high-life, high living, sensualism, voluptuousness.

HEDONISM hedonism

When our wars have striped the nature, dissipated nitrogen and oxygen, when all is desert. We, the stones will remain.

When everything is poisoned and when we have slaughtered all. And our history is no more. We, the animals will tell and retell of your mercilessness.

When our feelings are numbed and our hearts have hardened. When nothing more will touch us. We, the free-living will cry.

When the Earth, animals and all other living beings have been purified of you, eternal, we will ask again, But what then were you?


Overpopulation, overconsumption, deforestation, desertification, urbanization, climate change, pollution - the list goes on...

We kill at every move we make, not only in wars, riots, and executions. We kill when we close our eyes to planetary degradation, suffering, misery and shame. In the same way all disrespect for life, all hard-heartedness, all indifference, all contempt is nothing else than exploitation, suffocation and then death.

Despite this, life is always transforming or evolving, most of the time beyond our ability to recognize it, is extinction really what it is. The Earth is a much greater being then we give her credit for, humanity is but a tiny moment compared to her existence.

When we fret over a lose, "WE"... in all connectedness see ourselves expiring, which is only a natural response, because we are the earth, we are all related.

The Earth she will continue on!

top howling Infinity

The small-scale cultures that remain today generally prefer their traditional way of life, and many are currently waging impressive political resistance against corporations and governments who wish to forcibly assimilate them so that their land and labor may be exploited. People rarely enter mass organizations without being coerced, as they lead to a decline of freedom and health.

top Beautiful Bound

As long as we have the industrialization of the planet, animals, children, women, people of color and nature will always be exploited. The industrialization of the world is contrary to life - To The Free-Living!

We have planetary degradation as a result of human industrial activity - this is not rational nor is a sign of intelligence!

Climate Change, Fascism and Brutality, coming to a country near you.

top Monkeyboy Summery

The Earth is Sacred. The Animals are Sacred. Once you truly understand the fundamental truths of Native (tribal-nature base) spirituality, i can not take your word seriously. Why? Because if you are consuming animal products, your actions are contradicting and violating the sanctity of the Earth and the Animals. The animal agriculture industry plays a large part in planetary degradation, species extinction, water, air and ground soil contamination, etc. This fake food harms the human body, and this also violates the notion that humans are sacred!

You may not feel the direct impact of animal agriculture, which is also related to the industrial revolution which happened just over a hundred years ago, i feel it and so do my people - they may not understand this but we as a whole suffer because of this - our "ways of life" which is directly related to migration, land and the Bison on the Great Plains have been forever altered and we are no longer free! So every time you bite into a steak, cheese burger or what ever domesticated animal you have chosen to consume you are violating the notion of the Sacred!

Animal agriculture is a multi billion dollar industry, which go to benefit a small group of white male billionaires.

Facts about animal agriculture:

top Message From The Blue Light of The Underworld

Many humans in first world nations have become minimalistic.
They minimize the effort they are capable of.
They minimize the efforts of those who care for animals.
They minimize the knowledge they absorbe and choose useless information.
They minimize the impact they have on the planet, the animals, the tribal people who still exist in the wild and all other creatures.
They minimize the free-living.

Could this mean they are minimalist in thought!

top White Bear

The industrialization (system) of the world is failing, the means to feed a massive human population does not work, it contaminates everything, the water, the air, and the ground soil. Indigenous people had, and the ones that are left who are "free-living", still have a system of living with the Earth, which they had for thousands upon thousands of years. The industrialization of the world has proven to be destructive, just in the last few hundred years, especial in the last 80 years - Industrial civilization has proven to be disastrous!

Don't believe the industrialists they lie and their only concern is the commodification of the natural world.

top Marie Yellow Eye

I am a string of knots, fibers and cloth that have been cut from all four corners of the wind. I am wild and stoic in thought, I’ve made a mess of my contradictions and therefore flounder in my spirit of waters. I am not well kept, in the civil sense - I am like the Earth that birthed me - layered cold-hot and deep. I am heavy - But if you are willing to learn the ways, your hands can cradle my heart and the rough ridges, with patience and time my foundation can rise and bare fruits of the labor I am.
Existence cannot be given life without love. But even love can be unconditional - It’s a venture of unknown tasks. It’s a routine that has become my nature. It’s a simple state of being, that I ask - plea for you to understand.

Truth passes through many spirit!

top Iron Shell

There is a systematic planetary degradation going on, that the civilized are unconsciously committed to. Now that it is to late, certain members of industrial society who are in full support of their society, are rushing to try to correct this terrible mistake, and at the same time want to be praised for the effort of cleaning up the mass they made as an invasive society. We live in an illusionary-mad world, where humans have created a living hell for the Animal-Kind!

The height of civilization that society has reached now is not evolutionary, it was initiated by imperialist countries under the guise of progress and evolution, and to become wealthy. We now live in a world dictated by selfish billionaires and trillionaire(s) who care very little for us, animals, other species and of course the planet!

Realize that this is a point of view from an indigenous person, a descendant of people who lived with Nature, whose people were nearly annihilated for their land and who are consistently told that the civilizing process is good for all of human kind. Now look at this civilizing process for what it really is and fucking admit you are wrong, that it is horrible and evil..!

Now shut up and clean up your fucking mess - Lawl !

This message goes out to all the imperialist counties, and to the individuals who prize themselves as being so advanced - you are an industrious nation that contributes to planetary degradation. A society of lairs who lied to themselves and to others whom you invaded!