top Contemplate-Meditate-Mediate Collapse
top After the fall

After the fall of industrial civilization, we were plunged into continuous winter, there was only a few of us left. I dont know what it was like in other parts of the world?

top Destruction evolution is in motion
top Permanence is death
top Contrary to Life

As long as we have an industrial-planet, insects, plants, animals, children, women, people of color and nature will always be exploited. The industrialization of the world is contrary to life - To The Free-Living!

We have planetary degradation as a result of human industrial activity - this is not rational nor is it a sign of intelligence!

Climate Change, Fascism and Brutality, coming to a country near you.

top You Make Me Sick

The paradise of the consumer is made out of the hell the animals live, which is factory farming and related to planetary degradation!

top The First Precept - Article One

We The People!

The kind of violence that goes on is unseen by most people, in fact most people in first world countries ingest the violence every day and believe that it's normal, that violence has now become part of the treat that all of humanity, and not just humans, but currently all other species are now experiencing the violence of human domination, we have come to occupy almost the entire planet, through violence!

top Expiration

I had a dream where i saw myself in a dark ceremony, handling fire, i heard a song, which i was astonished to know perfectly when i awoke.

At the first ceremony of this kind which was made, i began to sing my song, and behold, by degrees i felt myself becoming frenzied, i took burning embers and the hot stones with my hands and with my teeth from the midst of the live coals, I plunged my bare arm to the bottom of the boiling kettle and all without injury or pain, in a word, i was master of my trade. And then... I woke up once again from what i thought was an awaken state!

top existential scream

The rise of civilization can roughly be described as the shift over the past 10,000 years from an existence within and deeply connected to the web of life, to one separated from and in control of the rest of life. Prior to civilization there generally existed ample leisure time, considerable gender autonomy and equality, a non-destructive approach to the natural world, the absence of organized violence, no mediating or formal institutions, and strong health and robusticity. Civilization inaugurated warfare, the subjugation of women, population growth, drudge work, concepts of property, entrenched hierarchies, and virtually every known disease, to name a few of its devastating derivatives. Civilization begins with and relies on an enforced renunciation of instinctual freedom. It cannot be reformed and is thus our enemy.