top Bitter Mint

"You said that progress was for the betterment of all mankind".... WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED ?

top Dysfunctional Industrial Civilization

Without the commercial exploitation of fur, feather or the animal skin industry, I AM STILL ME! - Existence cannot be life without solicitude.

Compassion is the evolutionary trait of a people, culture, a society whose prerogative is to progress!
A Coercive society and a dependency on a system of a currency exchange of capitalism does not reflect a society's desire for change, evolution cannot take place if a people are trapped within this system, it will only perpetuate cruelty!

Industrial civilization will destroy it's ability to live with the earth...!

top Violent Coercion

One hundred and four years of forced assimilation!

top Mary Digin - There is nothing to see here

I didn't come to destroy the ancient peoples understanding of "The Law of Nature", I came to reform it!

Shaman is dead...! due to the over exploitation of the word and the culture that once practiced, which is a Tungus word, that means to "move like an animal", there are other interpretations, this I choose to acknowledge. I searched in many places and found that this is the oldest of the definitions that is used and which is also fitting for my purpose. "Shaman" was borrowed by anthropologist to describe other tribal spiritual people, since then this has been overused and exploited by people who really don't understand the true meaning, and to this day, the use of the word and the people of today no longer move like an animal, thus the shaman is dead.

The Shamans spirit is held within the caverns of the underworld, with all the others animals, waiting for there time to reemerge, but not until this cycle has come full term, so they wait in silence for a era to exhaust itself... (another old world view, which unknown to the contemporary people)

Without fur, feathers or animal skin, my cultural identity of tradition is not who I am - the ego of materialism is not my foundation from which I am established. I do not present myself from the backs of the oppressed - In fact, if I were to do so, I would be exploiting those who have no voice, to say other wise! (a contemporary worldview) developed through the ability to manifest within one's person - Compassion!

Animals are the most oppressed group on the planet and the industrialized - human species has evolved to become the planet’s dominant organism, responsible for the destruction of nature, occupying the greatest amount space on the planet, to feed the entire human industry occupation - thus world domination has happened.

Disease was at one time nature's way to maintain balance! Industrial society - Science and technology has corrupted that natural balance, controlling disease, allowing for rapid human population growth in the last one hundred years...

This is an insight from a Contemporary Wabeno - A Contrary (social role) who is in full support of the Free-Living - A Nature Based Cultural world view on life.

top Blackfoot Gold

Worshiping the rich is a sign of our terminal decline!

When elections can be bought, and there is socialism for the rich, dictatorship and feudalism thrive.

Billionaire warlords are on the rise and their mercenaries, who are able kill anyone including police officers. There are 62 billionaires in the world who own the equivalent of half the world's wealth, and there are many ex-military and police officers willing to work for them... When the money is all they care about there is plenty of opportunity these killers.

We live in a world where misery, cruelty and poverty are profitable, most of us may not see it, and most of us - consumers enable this by simply dependending on industrial society for survival, industrial society - the upper echelons of this society, who are the 62 billionaires of the world - A kind of symbiotic relationship formed between or within an invasive society - a species turned parasitic, a parasite whose only purpose is to feed off other sentient beings and the planet, with the benefactor being the ultra rich.

top Sacred Water

The animal agriculture industry is a form of colonial violence.

A violence that contaminates the water!
A violence that incarcerates animals!
And keeps them in a constant state of misery!


I want my relationship with the land back void of colonial violence.

top BISON Child

At this point humanity has lost the way, to me this is evident in the way we treat the nature, we have expanded our cities with our massive society, expanded our bodies and believing that we have expanded our minds, but only to fool ourselves. We have come to almost dominate the entire planet, becoming civilized just as we wanted, expanding our human centric ideologies with very little concern for the rest of life!

top Someone once said a long time ago

Your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings…are…a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a country on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the Americas, at this very hour.

top Wanduta - Red Arrow

At one time we knew about the cycles of nature and the balance of life. Now, we live in an artificially created dream state that controls every aspect of our lives. The majority of people in the world have no idea how to identify and to gather food in the "wild",or even to grow their own, how to heal themselves, build a shelter and or even comprehand what it is that we have lost, as a species that was able to facilitate a large amount of knowledge, handed down from generation to generation orally, or to communicate without an electronic device. In fact, it's ironic that i am writing this here!