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The animal agriculture industry is a form of colonial violence.

A violence that contaminates the water!
A violence that incarcerates animals!
And keeps them in a constant state of misery!


I want my relationship with the land back void of colonial violence.

top BISON Child

At this point humanity has lost the way, to me this is evident in the way we treat the nature, we have expanded our cities with our massive society, expanded our bodies and believing that we have expanded our minds, but only to fool ourselves. We have come to almost dominate the entire planet, becoming civilized just as we wanted, expanding our human centric ideologies with very little concern for the rest of life!

top Someone once said a long time ago

Your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings…are…a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a country on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the Americas, at this very hour.

top Wanduta - Red Arrow

At one time we knew about the cycles of nature and the balance of life. Now, we live in an artificially created dream state that controls every aspect of our lives. The majority of people in the world have no idea how to identify and to gather food in the "wild",or even to grow their own, how to heal themselves, build a shelter and or even comprehand what it is that we have lost, as a species that was able to facilitate a large amount of knowledge, handed down from generation to generation orally, or to communicate without an electronic device. In fact, it's ironic that i am writing this here!

top Seeing Red Blackfoot Woman

Instill in them a pronounced distaste for life so that they will be humiliated when reminded of their origin. When they graduate from our institutions, the children will have lost everything except for their distrust that they nurtured while in our care!

top Manitou Warrior

Industrial civilization celebrates life by killing it!
This happens on a massive scale and so frequently that it has a negative affect on other species and the entire planet. In most cases the pledger can not see this, so this would be the reason certain kinds of people exist, to point this inconsistency out, so the masses can by some chance recognize what it is that they are doing...!

A celebration in which we all participate directly or indirectly.

top Sanctimonious

The image behind the Dakota woman carrying fire wood, it is just after the collapse of one of the twin towers of New York city.

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