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The disappearance of the working class as a defining force in the struggle against capital we will also witness the disappearance of the concept of the crisis, once considered to be a precise moment in the future where economic collapse and disorder were to herald in the revolution. There was the belief, even among many anarchists, that one day this would occur, it was only a question of time, so all that we had to do was to spread anarchist ideas and propaganda whilst awaiting the great event. We now know that crises do not exist, not because the world is in perfect order but because, on the contrary, it is in complete disorder. And if capital is surviving by adapting to the chaos of economic reality, we cannot talk about programming or economic ‘laws’, or think of the class struggle as something that has ‘alternate phases’. There are moments of greater or lesser intensity in the struggle between exploiters and exploited, but there is no way to measure expectation. We must conclude that the time is always ripe for attack, it is only the means we choose and the surrounding conditions that change.

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Many people desire an existence free of coercive authority, where all are at liberty to shape their own lives as they choose for the sake of their own personal needs, values, and desires. For such freedom to be possible, no individual person can extend his or her sphere of control upon the lives of others without their choosing. Many who challenge oppression in the modern world strive toward their conception of a “free society” by attempting to merely reform the most powerful and coercive institutions of today, or to replace them with “directly democratic” governments, community-controlled municipalities, worker-owned industrial federations, etc. Those who prioritize the values of personal autonomy or wild existence have reason to oppose and reject all large-scale organizations and societies on the grounds that they necessitate imperialism, slavery and hierarchy, regardless of the purposes they may be designed for.

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Every worm, insect, fish, bird, every animal is working for the well being of the planet. Only we the industrialized humans, who claim to be rational and the most intelligent species here, are not doing that. We consume products produced by our industrious hands and we who blame society, understand that we are society.

The least that we can do is to stop creating little consumers who grow to become dependent, stop offering the children up to the billionaires, their corporations and industries as wage slave workers!

“If children were brought into the world by an act of pure reason alone, would the human race continue to exist?
Would not a man rather have so much sympathy with the coming generation as to spare it the burden of existence, or at any rate not take it upon himself to impose that burden upon it in cold blood?”
― Arthur Schopenhauer, Studies in Pessimism: The Essays

Industrial civilization is the target here and it must fall in order for there to be any kind of justice and for peace to happen!

We are coerced into believing that we need to work in order to maintain our sanity and that it is evolutionary. We have become subservient to greedy wealthy men, this is not freedom, this is a well disguised slavery!

The planet is becoming a globale work prison and one day the billionaires soon to become trillionaires will no longer need us - expendable we are. We will be replaced by androids, cheap workers needing only to be mechanically maintained and programmed by a small amount of humans. We are being used by greedy narcissistic man who care very little for our well being!

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The support of industrial society is act against life, a genocidal act against the original nature-based peoples of the world, also an act of speciesism. This comes in the forms of capitalism, communism, socialism and some groups of anarchist who in fact consume animal products, alcohol, marijuana and other unnecessary products. Well its all fucked up, so enjoy the beauty that's left and try to do the best you can - i understand that for some people this is a lot to ask... and then again many don't care, this reminds me of something i read "It's difficult to wake a person who is only pretending to be asleep".

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“Half of me is beautiful but you were never sure which half.” - Ruth Feldman, “Lilith”

top Invasive cultures are the virus we live!

I am going to take this opportunity to briefly point out the grave inconsistencies of colonizing and imperialist cultures.

First lets look at the current condition of our planet, the animals, the women and whats left of the free-living and the assimulated indigenous people. The planet is in the state it is now because of white industrial imperialism, motivated by greed and a false sense of power. The animal condition is directly related to white industrial imperialism, The animal agriculture industry and other forms of animal exploitation is link to planetary degradation, that was enabled by the industrial revolution. The industrail revolution which was said to civilize the savage and bring us progress, but brought misery, inequity and the near annihilation of indigenous cultures, it has done just the opposite and not only in the Americas but the entire world suffers at the hand of white industrial imperialism. The women have been subjected to oppression forced to take a place far below the status of men, even to this day, white male privilege and domination is directly responsible for the current condition. We who are other then white male, have been forced and or coerced to take a position of an inferior being, dictated by the white male ruling class and there dysfunctional minions, the ignorant white male and the off white men working under them!

This is undeniable, the condition of which NOW billions of unsuspecting individuals, people of all cultures and statues unconsciously collaborate with - there is no real escape from industrial society, which the privileged white male has forced upon the natural world, at this point if the human race survives; the coming doom of human society, the only lesson we may learn is through a disaster – Disaster Evolution.

If you CONSIDER yourself a white man or woman that belives that some good has come from your domination of the natural world, then i am not the person you want to be connected to, because simply put.... you are wrong and i am right...!

We live in a male dominated society dictated by some of the most ignorant man in the history of the world and as we know the so-called progressive world of the past has also been dominated by men, so evolution enabled by disaster has been in motion for a very long time...

top Animal agriculture is an evil industry

“We are the indigenous people of the western hemisphere. We will not fight you for ownership of the land, but we will stand up to all of these bad people who come in and misuse and abuse the Mother Earth. We will protect our Mother; we will stand if everybody turns against us because they say the Indians don’t act right. We will stand in protection of our Mother. We will stand if it is by ourselves. We will stand if it is collectively with other people who are concerned about what is happening to our Mother, then we will gladly embrace these people and take them into the family of man. But we will not change our ways. We would rather not be accepted for what we are than to become something we are not for acceptance. We say that to our allies, we say that to our enemy. We will have a collective learning experience, and through this collective learning experience we will achieve the knowledge that we need for our liberation.
-John Trudell

I agree with John Trudell, so this would be the reason I don't consume animal products, animal agriculture is an evil industry where the oppressor benefits financially, it is a multi billion dollar industry, the cause of misery, exploitation and planetary degradation!
I wish that other indigenous people would wake up and realize this, because honestly.... I feel alone!

top Annihilated - Assimilation and Then Domesticated

" We must be willing in our lifetime to deal with reality. It's not revolution we're after; it's liberation. We want to be free of a value system that's being imposed upon us. We do not want to participate in that value system. We don't want to change that value system. We want to remove it from our lives forever. Liberation. We want to be free".
- John Trudell

The human animals that wanted to live with Earth have been nearly annihilated or assimilation and then domesticated by the industrial product consuming humans, who currently rule the world.
World domination has happened, it's just a matter of time before industrial humans have completely destroyed their ability to live with the earth!

top Sun Burnt Hell

Across infernal wastelands many miles of sun burnt Hell.

Tribes are scattered limbs and dust all laying as they fell.

Open lies the challenge to all Warriors now dead.

Let the spirits guide the winds until Manitou ascends.

Watch the unseen burial eclipse the blazing sky.

Feast the wings of death with Manitou the soul shall vie.

Distant beats the wardance echo screams out liberty.

Patience stalks the crow, industrail man's scalp brings victory.

Mighty be the powers of the old medicine women.

Whispers of her animal dance flows across the Earth.

Guardian of the elder spirit summoning the storm.

Awaiting the arrival Manitou of flesh is born.

Manitou Warrior
Spiritual fundamental life force - Omnipresent manifests everywhere in organisms, animals, and nature. In direct action against the threat from industrial civilization, a society whose actions are base in human exceptionalism and utilitarianism.

The words are taken from the song Manitou by the band Venom and edited by Anim Ishkode Blackhoof.

top She smells of ash and wild strawberries

We live in an evil world.... when and where people will 'construct' in the imagination and to impose their WILL upon other beings, justifying an action of speciesism - racism and sexism, oppressive and sick as we have ever been, our words, the lies we tell ourselves are so soothing... so we continue to corrupt the sanctity of life!