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Habitually half-naked, haphazardly covered, a physique that reflects the hard and brutal struggle with a natural environment. Physically very strong, bearing the marks of a horrible scarring which a free-living person underwent to “adorn” their body. Thus, this rugged child of the land, touched only slightly by contact with civilization, manifests the natural exuberance of ungoverned human nature.

A tribal savage, a barbarian, a pagan, whose nature has benefited neither from the divine action of a "one god" theory, nor from the aesthetic and refining influx of organized religion that an oppressive civilization has to offer.

In spite of appearance, which would make civilized men tremble - inspires envy in the privilege men of today.

Thinking constantly in the present idiom brought the deeds of ancestors into everyday life, so that heroics were not of history but current; to be imitated, rather then merely recounted as occurrences of a bygone age unconnected to contemporary values.

These are the final moments of our last days, so release and cease beating yourself into submission. With poisoned blood the demon speaks, see how the wolves devour the weak - They will not inherit. Eyes closed but forced open, bodies shaken awake, inhale and cease beating the sentient world to death - No one holds us accounted!

We love to entertain ourselves with stories about monsters, because we desperately want to believe there might be something more terrifying than humanity and there is, the industrialization of the world, of the animals, of nature - Welcome to the Anthropocene...!

A geological age created by human activity.

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