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This is the third in a three part series. It is an abstracted representation of the second, done in three dimensions, and once again hidden. All that is left to connect the two is the pink back ground and two black bars that hint at the bar code.

top Bar Code

The second in a three part series. This carries the thought of abstraction being used to hide. It is an abstracted representation of the first, but that information is hidden with the addition of a bar code. This bar code does the opposite of what we are used to. It hides information instead of giving.

top The Band

The first in a three part series. This gets its title from the nine canvases that work together to make a single piece. The abstraction serves a function in this peice. When the word abstract is used as a verb it can be used with the context of taking away information. All of the colors and shapes hide and distract from the initial image, which I may have hid too well.

top Childhood

See "Junk" A slingshot and stone represent how even a child can grasp this concept.

top Road to Golgotha

This is the piece that inspired "Junk." It is made of nails covered with oil paints. Red has been put on heavy enough to represent a flow of blood covering the "junk".

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See "Junk"