top IMG_6445_C BauArt AllStars - PAT KRAMER - Flight Of The Cherub

Part of the "Brand Auf Georg" exhibition.

top IMG_6727 - BauArt AllStars - PAT KRAMER - Ghostdance_C

PAT KRAMER checking his new Jedi knight laser sword - bzzzzz!

top IMG_6444_C BauArt AllStars - PAT KRAMER - Brand

Lower Part Of "Brand", A 3D Lightinstallation Of PAT KRAMER.

top IMG_6838_C BauArt AllStars - Ilias

Musician Ilias acting cool at PAT CRAMER`S exhibition

top IMG_5876_C  Blinded By The Light - KAJA`s Lighthouse Prayer

As KAJA - A Local Beauty Of The Gaengeviertel Artist Community - Was Prepairing Her Performance, She Did Look For A Moment Like A Priest Of A Unknown Cult, Preparing To Pray.
Good Moment For A Quick Shot, I Thought....

top IMG_5648_C BauArt AllStars - PAT KRAMER - Schlagbohrramme
top IMG_5686_C BauArt AllStars PAT KRAMER - Schlagbohrramme
top IMG_8161_C  BauArt AllStars - PAT KRAMER - Thumb`s Up!

PAT KRAMER as portrayed by GRecht in October 2009 at the BauArt facility


Spraycanartist & Painter GIACOMO DEVAUD, member of BauArt AllStars, featured by GRecht MMIX, MMX.
GIACOMO DEVAUD is established on ARTDOXA

top IMG_4026_C - BauArt AllStars - GIACOMO DEVAUD - The Green