top IMG_5183 sw_C BauArt AllStars - GIACOMO DEVAUD - Watch Ya!
top IMG_5178 a sw_C BauArt AllStars - GIACOMO DEVAUD - El Duderino
top IMG_4035 sw_C Kiss Me Quick - Miriam & Giacomo
top IMG_4033 a_C Miriam
top IMG_4047_C Lil` DEVAUD
top IMG_3048 - Weltmeister
top IMG_3205 - Something Good Out Of  Wood

Detail Of A Wooden Statue made by Vasyl.

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top IMG_2910 - BauArt  - Get it hot

Home build oven constructed for ceramic works by Vasyl, a real genius in ceramical artworx, developing with a gas leaded hellfire a burning temperature of round about 1300 degrees centigrade. Wow!

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Decoration by Lilia Nour