top Nothing comes from nothing

Please visit this link to see some high-resolution details and work in progress of this artwork:

top Humana

Today I show you my latesat artwork and in the miniatures some variations of it. It´s a dyptich in which you can change the position and the work will keep on connected. I interested on breaking the concepts "up,down,left,right" and make an interaction between the artist and the viewer. The viewer can change the work as he/she wishes

top Paramecium
top Model

top Basquiat

top It´s not your fault

top Cuatro

The spanish text says something like this: "It´s possible that in this painting would have two more figures that would not look so great. I´ll find an artistic explanation for this. Everything can be saved. Kisses".
If you want to see more details of this work, please visit my blog:

top Un artista (detail)

If you want to see more images of this one, please visit this link

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