top Consciencia 2
top Ahora (now)

Now, the present moment, is the only real moment. When this moment was "past", it was present at that time. When this moment became "future" it will be the present moment when we arrive there :)

top El abrazo de un padre (the hug of a father)

The beauty of the love of a father. This painting is an evolution of my artwork. The painted words give form to the composition,vibrating through the surface.

top Ya eres libre

Don´t wait to the future to feel yourself free. The ego wants to convince you that all the best stuff in your life will arrive in a future, or..the best things in your life was in your past. The one and only real moment is the present moment and it´s in the NOW that you´re completely free. Live now.

top Se Tú

Always be yourself, not be the image that others have of yourself. If you want to see a change in the world, begin the process inside of you, and the "outside" will start to change.

top Estoy orgulloso de tí

Positive words have an inmediate effect on us, a nice effect I imagine this positive energy entering on us, filling our entire being. Words have energy and I wanted to represent it.
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top Todos

A thought about the same intelligent energy that surrounds us and make things, humans and so on, look like we perceive

top Tú y Yo

the movement of energy that surrounds everything. The vibration of the particles. I like to paint on methacrylate because it allows me to paint in both side of the surface to create a different dimension of the painting.