top Orbital Terraforming Platform - Venus.

Acrylic on canvas 25.75" x 31.50" November 5, 2019

top Göll.

acryl auf leinwand 25.75" x 31.50"

top Mining Operations at Doom Mons.

Acrylic on canvas 28.50" x 23.75" October 13, 2019

top 8 Ursae Minoris b Probe.

Acrylic marker on paper 9.75" x 6.75" Sept 30, 2019.

top Titan - First Communication.

Acrylic on canvas 28.50" x 23.75" October 3, 2019

top Virgil Fossa.

Acrylic on canvas 21" x 18" 2019

top Untitled.

Acrylic on canvas 21" x 18 2019

top Energy Harvesting Platform, Ravenscar, North Yorkshire.

Acrylic on canvas 21" x 18" August 6, 2019

top Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra - Orbital Reconnaissance Enceladus

Acrylic on canvas 21"x 18" 2019

top Science Facility at Weilheim in Oberbayern.

Acrylic on canvas 35.75" x 46" August 27, 2019
Future tense, glitch in the cerebral manifest, future technologies, Offworld installations, Shinjuku neon, hallucinogenic image scans, organic prototypes, covert/surreptitiousness space exploration both inner and outer.
My recent paintings are an extension and expansion into my own exploration of unseen worlds, both imagined and real. These could be story boards for motion pictures yet to be made or projections of future events.