top Lost Souls

some say it remind them about "the Screamer"

top The Grim Hippie Reaper we have to do things we don´t?

top Witch Teasing Spirit With Beer

the spirit want the OTTAKRINGER...

a good way to summon a spirit of my kind....

top Morning Tea with Uncle Keith

this is how I imagin it???

top Balkan Beat Gipsy King

Acrylics on canvas 80 x 80 cm

Loosly based on Eugene Hütz from the Gipsy Punk band "Gogol Bordello"

top Odin and Asgaard friends

This is an acrylic Painting od some of the things and Gods from Asgaard, you know we were not always christians up here in the north, so theese are a coolection of the old gods and their friends...

the things in the painting are:

1. The Hammer of Thor, named Mjölner, he slew coporate giants with this golden working class hammer, he was the god of the peoples Thunder and lightning...

2. this is Odins horse Sleipner it recebeled a tamed My Little Pony from the coporate industry, but when it was tamed Odin could ride it, it had 8 feet wich are not featured here because the painter is a lazy zod...

3. this is Odin the leader of the people of Asgaard (the gods) he gave away his eye to be as wise as Lenin (wich according to soviet scientist was the smartest fellow in the world to have ever lived) he ruled his people and the working class with a firm revolutionary fist...

4. this is Särimner a capitalist pig made out of gold by the midget workers, everyday they (the gods) slew this kapitalistic pig and fested on his ritch flesh, at the end of the day they collected the boned and made him reserect so they would have the pleasure to kill the capitalistic pig over and over again...

top Plastic Fantastic Lips

By Danny Hennesy

top I warn you I will shoot

Acrylics on canvas 30 x 80 cm

by Danny Hennesy

top Nailed Wooden Wood

by Danny Hennesy

top Wooden Nailed Wood

by Danny Hennesy