top Just_asleep_after_a_hard_life_danny_hennesy

some one said it was a self portrait..

top Casual Friendly Male Coversation by the Urinoaur

Acrylics on Canvas 100cm x 100cm

By: Danny Hennesy

top Soft Cluster of Spooky Skulls

Acrylics on Canvas

50 x 50 cm

By Danny Hennesy

top Faithful SouldBound Friends

Acrylics on canvas

100 x 150 cm

by Danny Hennesy

top Take us to Hospital

Acrylics on Canvas 100 x 100 cm

By Danny Hennesy

based on a true story, feturing Keith Flint (from the Prodigy) and Danny Hennesy crashing his UFO

top Bewilder Teenager

another Painting By his Majesty Danny Hennesy

top Die Ratte

Acrylis on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

By: Danny Hennesy

top Burning Anger

By Danny Hennesy

top Straights and Cuves

Acrylics on canvas by danny Hennesy

top Straight Masculin

Acrylics on canvas

50 x 60 cm

By: Danny The Hennesy