top The Second Visit

acrylics on canvas

top Gösse oder OTTAKRINGER

OTTAKRINGER of cause... my favorite beer...

top Play this Tune

an abstratc acryllic painting 100 x 100 cm on canvas

top Cover art on book on pituring The artist Danny Hennesy

My first artwork to be featured on the from of a proper book

The name of the Book is: " Signifying Bodies disabillety in contemporary life writing"

Issued by: Mishegan press and written by: G. Thomas Courser

I hope there will be more book covers....

top the Setting Sun at Dawn

To see more of my art and fooling aroud Danny Hennesy would suggest you to have a look on were i might be lurking around on the Computernet...

top Strange from the Left


top Aphabetica Dyslectica

well a very chaotic painting...

top were do the bubbels go?

inspired by a swedish friend at the pub

top Hedeonism Satyre

Acrylics on canvas 100 x 100 cm

Spill your wine!!!

top Female Lady with Fag and Saggy Tits touching Her Boob with hand


I am sorry but because of my lazyness I havn´t taken a picture that makes the rim straight, so I am sorry you have to imagine how it really looks like *lol*