top Sensation

This painting is called Sensation as it highlights the lively vibrations and expressions of forward-thinking and personal achievement.

top Surge

The surge of energy streaming through your soul and the feeling of empowerment to finally release your vision is just what you needed to launch your intentions, your awareness and your purpose.

top Seed

Seed is a tribute to the possible; an artistic expression of the classic story of the mustard seed. All it takes is one small idea to transform the lives the many.

top Synapse

The art of fusion passing through your veins.

top Inferno

A haunting image of flames rising from a hillcrest.

top Riptide

The stretching shades of burgundy and purple symbolize strength of character and meditation giving us an image of
hope and revival.

top Merlot

An abstract portrayal of the timeless elixir as it splashes into a glass in slow motion.

top Ignition

Passion is what creates greatness and being truly alive ignites passion. Build your life from the ground up and then set it on fire with passion and perseverance.

top Sierra

Assembly of liquid angels.

top Emphasis

Illumination of significance and attention.