top Two Souls

Two Souls

Drift and lay back down.
There's a tender breeze
For the twilight sky.
A time of smooth cool
On a summer night.
Linger, languish maybe
There must be a bit of smile
in that heart you wear
Hidden beneath your robes.

top Trois Jours

Trois Jours
The moonflower arc
From dark to light
Is nice. Each bloom
Significant and pleasant.
She cried all the way
Across Europe
Except for three days
In Paris. It was hard
To see her, to be near her.
Her discomfort ground
Into the days.
She moved to Virginia
And I went back to play.

top Moonflowers

I was in a hurry
To get to work.
Then I looked up
To see the last moments
Of moonlight
In the summer yard.

top RGB web

Moonflower Muse

They bloom at night,
Those moonflowers.
I sleep while they unfold
Like soft white dresses.
In the morning they lay draped
Over their leaves
Ardorous labors at an end.
Limp now, they colored
My dreams.

top Childhood Red

Childhood Red

Paint red
Wear red
You can be anything
You want and more.
Blow bubbles
And skip
Laugh with play
Ride your bike
Come home
Drip red.

top When Summer Shakes Her Head

When Summer Shakes Her Head

I don't know,
Yes HER!
I've Never known a woman
Who liked to be cold.
Of course, her.
Look at those colors.
Have you ever seen a man
Dress like that?
The height of Persephone's
Warm vision.
Slumber is even hot, sweaty.
Lay on your back
And turn the wind on
It's summer!

top Sky For You

Sky for You

You said make a sky,
Make a sky like you see it.
I am a cloud wrangler.
I see what's not there.
I like the sky fleshy
And full,
Messy like life
Wanting the promise
I see there.

top Sentient Road

Sentient Road
Tilted toward the edges of Earth
With the silent fog of
Remembrance filled air,
There was a time when
You cursed the groundcloud
Because you could not
See ahead.

top In Praise of Long Roads

Flash Boom

There is no theme of spirit
That climbs up to stare
Out of your eyes.
Lost now in some other
Bright flick and turn
In the chilling air,
Smoke drifts from your mouth
As if to loose a phantom
From your held tight
Flash- you pull the trigger,
Boom- you're no longer there.