top Enveloppe charnelle

This painting is the beginning of a work on "Carnel enveloppe" in wich I want to express the visual and tactil sensations about the body, specially about the skin.

top All of me

“Il faut commencer par éprouver ce qu'on veut exprimer”
Citation de Vincent Van Gogh.
"We must begin to feel what we want to express"

Everybody have some feelings... Sometime, It's difficult to express them, because it's difficult to dare.

top Nous nous en irons

Watercolor on all cotton paper

top "I hold my breath ... he knocks in my heart"

"I hold my breath ... he knocks in my heart"
large watercolor on 100% cotton paper

top Voile de marée
top En y pensant
top Pour ne pas oublier
top Nordic feelings
top Pigments d'amour
top Pigments d'amour