top Clown terrifying residents by standing around

He doesn't juggle.

top Teacher exorcist digs his own grave

They dug open the pit and found him lying dead.

top Woman streams her entire life online

So far, no-one has reached a definite conclusion.

top Testicle-eating fish on the move as habitat changes

They bite because they're hungry.

top Man fined $500 for purposely swallowing toe

We're going to have to get rid of that toe once it starts falling apart.

top Zoo under fire for disguising dog as lion

The zoo is absolutely cheating us.

top Thieves steal entire bridge

Bridge stolen.

top Man wakes to discover he shot himself in his sleep

He was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

top Drinking challenge turns deadly after man's bladder explodes

He is expected to survive, according to hospital officials.

top New palm plastic surgery trend in bid to change fortunes

It's not a difficult surgery, but it has to be done right.