top Ypìdemi Disco

SOS-Knopf. (So ohne Sorgen).

top Ypìdemi Umvolkung

vielleicht mal aussteigen da.

top Ypìdemi Optimierung


top Ypìdemi Klima

die fortschreitende Erderwärmung grillt uns doch nach und nach alle.

top Teenager addicted to selfies turned suicidal

A teenager addicted to selfies tried to kill himself because he didn't like any of the photos he had taken.

top Deep-frozen guru deeply meditating

The highest level of meditation.

top The man who loves to eat plastic bags

And the blue ones were his favourite.

top Pentagon is zapping troops with electric shocks

it may not be too far in the future that consumer electrical shocks become the next big thing.

top One-way trip to Mars prohibited

Promoting or being involved in a trip to the Red Planet is prohibited.

top Little boy gets 40,000 friends on Facebook

That would be better than any birthday party.