top Daily sunrise is broadcast on giant TVs

Lack of sky vision has become such an issue that people flock to the screens.

top Pastor walks on congregation and makes them eat grass

He keeps his shoes on.

top Cannibalism fears

Executed uncle was eaten alive by 120 hungry dogs.

top NASA finds God's message on Mars

I am real.

top Hospital clock told patient to die

Doctoes were confronted by the upset patient.

top Jesus, Mary appear on Google Street View

Experts point out that this is probably just an effect.

top Two thousand toxic mice dropped on Guam
top Dogs overdosing on drug-user's excrement

Fatal cases are rare.

top The shanty town holiday

A stay at the shanty town is the experience of a lifetime.

top Krokodil arrives in the Midwest

Flesh-eating Krokodil drug.