top Man changed his face to dog face

End time is here folks.

top Poet to sell testicles to fund tour to Europe

The artist said the money would be used to fund a tour through Europe.

top Bank employee naps on keyboard, transfers millions

The bank discovered the mistake shortly afterwards.

top Homeless man lives in graveyard tomb

Man built fake graveyard to scare away homeless.

top Talking doll teaches obscene swearwords

She's calling them a crazy bitch.

top Ypìdemi Insekt

what's a girl to do.

top Ypìdemi Zerstörung

es war die einzige ohne Uniform.

top Ypìdemi Hyper

alles ist nur noch hyperironisch.

top Ypìdemi Sicherheit

ich designe Poller.

top Ypìdemi Virtual Shopping

ohne peinlich.