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Do not forget to cannon fodder,
not to forget neither heroes nor executioners:
we are bound to them
eats the story when you're scared of dying

per non dimenticare carne da macello,
per non dimenticare ne eroi ne carnefici:
siamo legati a essi
mangia la storia quando hai paura di morire

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Action and result of the evolution or the evolution e. society;
e. policy of the masses; e. of an idea, a thought

... Involution: Progressive regression to a stage of development, decay,
Each will imply a decline.
conflicts and leathers stretched, as if to signify the evolution of Title: Evolution is a change skin and leave behind traces of this change ... also seem to navigate the maps change. "

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Painting: Works on paper embossed protruded. acrylic and mixed media smalto oil

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