top expectations n. 10
top THRESHOLDS-the series 2010

THRESHOLDS-the series 2010

Transit through a site or move from place another
Change of State or condition
intermediate condition that also reveals desire or imposition, yearn move unconsciously from another place another trying to see other possibilities.Every change involves other births and rebirths mirrored at the end of other paradoxes as life or death lamore ... invariably each concatenated together. Fuzzy bodies, restless, anime sketches without faces, metamorphosis towards other States.

top europe. the trust 2013
top Riots  - tumulti
top the hugh
top crisis . This too will pass -
top series old shadows - n3 -  involution

alfio catania & stefania monica muti - 2012

top old shadwos
top needs - esigenze

requirements: what we need and need is just another fiction

esigenze: ciò che occorre e necessità è solo un'altra funzione