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photography and new media

top Stones (chronicle of 2010: the thoughts of the powerful )

Stones (chronicle of 2010: the thoughts of the powerful )
Mass of solid rock, formed by minerals, naturally occurring:
comparator | | fig. have the heart to p., be as hard as the Father, being insensitive, not pity
acrylic and mixed media

top the lonelliness of power series n. 4

Art courtesy of the powerful features, to moderate the surge of violent emotions. Power is like the water that transfers to all things, penetrates all things is without form, neutral, tasteless, as are the tears of a powerful

top carni - meat


Not part of the human body and animal bone, consisting of muscle tissue, fat, skin: a cut in the c. | | C. set up, grease | be (well) in c., be healthy, well fed | c. alive, no skin | in c. and bone, in person, in person

EXTENSION 2. The physical size and in par. sexual human being, as opposed to spiritual weakness, the pleasures of c. | | C. cannon, said soldiers sent into hostilities or hopeless, extensively. of people sent into the fray | resurrection c., in theology, one of the tenets of the Christian faith

top The loneliness of the Powerful serie n3
top thershold series 5- once upon the  time


top soglie . - threshold serie n. 1

Transit through a place or moving from one place to another-Change in state or intermediate state also reveals desire or taxation, we long to move unconsciously from another place to place trying to see other possibility.Ogni change means other births and rebirths mirror at the end of other paradoxes such as life or death ... love each invariably linked with each other. Bodies indistinct sketches restless, people without faces, morph to other initial states

top la solitudine del potente n2

the loneliness of power.
all greatness comes from loss

top as if I had never decided anything

as if I had never decided anything onòly words drowned

come se mai non avessi deciso niente
solo parole annegate