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These artworks were selected by our members: Each Day the most favored artwork of the last 50 days (one artwork per artist during this period) gets on the front page.

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2728293031white shadows  80cm x100cm11désir 322
Transformation33Tryst II44soliloquium_14_andreschmucki552015-09-12 20"Autumn"66Water Green, Blue77slice of life88The Hebe99
die vogelzucht war von kindesbeinen an seine größte leidenschaft1010No title1111spinnerin IV1212kreuzgang21313introspective 191414Sky Sea Sand 161515Geert Cox - Figure Study1616
the pink sock1717untitled1818Soil1919 . . .2020Au plus profond / At the deep2121the candle2222Provisorium2323
LA TOUR DU CARDINAL2424Field of Drought 2525Diane 2626W_in_der_Wiesche_goals_II_kl_g2727a place full of words2828an other fence2929Shadow3030