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2930She saw the eclipse11The Misfortune of Ridicule22Pushback 833fucked by a lightbulb44November55
Tanja (detail III)66White Robe77ABSTRACT88Imaginary Travel #69919141010Untitled 1111sum-of-parts1212
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio1313das licht am nachmittag trägt dazu bei1414Something of scattered memories1515River 2 (new repro) copy1616Disposition1717Sunday in the City1818Promenade Napolitaine1919
007"Portrait"2020the oncoming storm2121Impressionist Study of Elizabeth Fraser2222shielded2323Untitled2424Now and Then2525Harburger Treppenhaus 42626
2727No title2828Viggo2929Impression 3030CIMG0634313112