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He thinks and thinks and thinks, but just can't figure it out.

top Unable

Wooden Dollman: I’m sorry. I am unable to help you.
Balloon Girl: It’s not just you. They can’t help me either.
Wooden Dollman: Who are they?
Balloon Girl: More of us, except we don’t know their names.
Wooden Dollman: Then who are we?
Balloon Girl: Pieces...pieces of a puzzle, but no one can solve it. Us, them, all of it
will just remain pieces for now.
Wooden Dollman: Why can’t anyone solve it? Can’t they see the big picture.
Balloon Girl: If they could see the big picture, maybe. Right now they don’t know
there is a big picture.
Wooden Dollman: That could be a problem, but how do you know about all this.
Balloon Girl: I float.
Wooden Dollman: But you are still a piece.
Balloon Girl: No, I am the big picture.
Wooden Dollman: Can you tell me about the big picture?
Balloon Girl: I already did. It is the sum of all the pieces.
Wooden Dollman: But what does it look like?
Balloon Girl: You.

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