top Glimpse

"Glimpse", acrylic on canvas, 30 x 50 cm. Only a momentary glimpse betrays the furtive inhabitants of the winter forest.

top Skein

"Skein", 2015, acrylic on wood, 30 x 50 cm. A length of string, a flight of geese, a shred of cloud drawn across the moon -- the word "skein" means many things, always suggesting something stretched and suspended in vast space.

top Woodsmoke

"Woodsmoke", 2015, acrylic on wood, 50 x 50 cm. Smoke rises into the cold air of a winter's morning.

top Liberator

"Liberator", 2015, mixed media, 40 x 40 x 5 cm. Sticks, acrylic, chains, eggshell, feather, stones, wood, paper.

top Cities of the Interior

"Cities of the Interior", mixed media, 16 x 16 x 1.75 inches (40 x 40 x 4 cm). This piece incorporates wood, string, milkweed pod, glass, dried flowers, a mummified yellowjacket (wasp), and other materials. The title comes from the work of Cuban-French author Anaïs Nin.

top Sargasso

"Sargasso", 2013/2015, acrylic on wood, 24 x 18 inches (60 x 45 cm).

Some landscapes, both internal and external, are anything but neat. Here, ambiguous creatures swim and swirl in a cloud of vivid and half-glimpsed life, a reflection of the cluttered sea that is every human mind.

top Ravell'd

Ravell'd, acrylic on canvas. The title is from Shakespeare's Macbeth, in which Macbeth bemoans the fact that sleep, which "knits up the ravell'd sleeve of care" is to be denied him, due to his guilt. This could be a parable for any politician whose ambition overcomes his moral sense, and the weave of his life becomes a web in which he is trapped.

top The History of the Future

"The History of the Future", 2014, mixed media, 30 x 30 cm. Animal bone, wire, stones, chalk, plaster, burned fabric, glass, electronic parts, ink and acrylic on fiberboard.

top "Playground"

"Playground", 2014, acrylic and watercolor over plaster on fiberboard, 30 cm wide x 50 cm tall.

top Tropic

"Tropic", 2014, acrylic, paper, and plaster on fiberboard, sanded and incised, 25 x 17.5 cm.