Provisional title: BAGS OF FUN. Oil painting on canvas, painted with palette knives, 200x120 cm, 2019. I have reloaded this painting after doing MORE modifications and taking the photo under different illumination. I think this time it's the final version as I am quite happy with the outcome. It's advisable to explore the painting under larger scale in order to see the 3D-like impasto colors. ANY IDEAS FOR A CATCHY TITLE?

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This is my first oil painting for 2019. It's rather difficult to capture the 3D-like impasto application of the colors in this painting, the kaleidoscopic-like nature of the colors and therefore it is advisable to see the painting under larger scale. Looking for feedback and perhaps another title.

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LADIES DRAWING. My latest oil painting; oil colors on canvas painted with palette knives, 2018, 150X100 cm. In order to better capture the impasto texture (3D) it's advisable to see the painting under magnification. Looking forward for feedback.

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At the Beach: Oil colors on canvas. Impasto. Note the 3D like texture

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