top Laurel & Hardy What a Mess

Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy in another mess

top Der Herr Doktor Karl

Helmut Qualtinger in seiner Paraderolle als Herr Karl, der "Arzt der österreichischen Seele"

top Thanos & The Grateful Universe

Thanos looking at the "garteful universe" after snipping (Avengers Infinity War)

top The Cuckoo's Song

Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy smiling with cuckoo

top Der ewige Dienstmann

Hallo Dienstmann, Tribut an den Volksschauspieler Hans Moser, RIP

top A Winter's Tale

The Star Wars Empire conquers an ice planet

top Sophie snorkeling

Snorkeling on holidays

top Diving

Diving in the pool

top Underwater


top Evolution of Mankind

The Evolution from Apes to the Stars