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The Reef of Vilamendhoo with Manta Ray/Octopus sculpture

top Amitié gauloise

The inhabitants of Asterix's village united in a fight

top Gamorrean Guard

The Gamorrean Guard from Jabba's Palace

top Statler & Waldorf Vaudeville

Statler & Waldorf from the Muppets Show in a special costume

top Star Wars Classic Heroes

Star Wars Heroes of Episode VI The Return of the Jedi: Leia Slave, Han in Carbonite, Luke Jedi

top Oola

Oola Jabba's Twi'lek Slave Dancer

top Ringwraith

Ringwraith of Mordor searching the One Ring

top Gollum & his Precious

Gollum with his Precoius in the end

top Gandalf

Gandalf with stab and sword fighting for Middle-Earth

top Hallo Dienstmann

Hans Moser als Wiener Dienstmann Nr.11, der Volksschauspieler und "Wahrspieler" nach Max Reinhardt, mit Koffer