top Picasso vs the Japan Monsters No.25

Part of the series of (at least) 36 drawings ... "Picasso vs. the Japan Monsters"

Picasso, the biggest influence on Western Art from 1900 until 1945 ... MEETS in this series, the Monsters of Japan who ruled, Postwar, after 1945, the airwaves of NYC ... WNEW (Channel 5), WOR (Channel 9 ... and "Million Dollar Movies"), and WPIX (Channel 11) ... , the local NYC television stations of my youth.

Japan had a far reaching, fantastic history of Monsters, long before the first B-Film was ever made, and the influence of cartoons on Picasso was enormous.

So, at least according to Marshall McLuhan, this drawing series juxtaposes the Visual / Literal (first half) with the Electronic / Tribal (second half) phases of 20th Century Western Society and Visual Culture.

And it's only available, here by me.

top You Are Wasting Your Time Talking to the White Man

WMS series ... title is a Malcolm X quote.

Malcom X called segregation "complete racial separation" and saw it as the only hope for blacks in the USA. First "separation", then an exodus return to Africa was the philosophy of black nationalism.

If I (as a "toxic" white male) were to suggest (exactly the same concept as Malcolm X), that the best thing to do, would be for all American blacks to return to Africa, and further suggest; "You are wasting your time, talking to the BLACK man." I doubt that streets would be named after me in all major US cities, and I would be considered a "hero" of social reform.

"African American", Marxist, Lesbian, "Social Reformers" (BLM, etc.) seem pleasantly unaware that, among many other nightmare rituals, Female Genital Mutilation not only originated, but is still widespread in Africa, as slavery continues to be, along with the world's highest rates of violence, murder, political corruption, and rape. ... yet they are intent on "reforming" the "racist" USA according to African tribal principles.

The drawing is an image of HARPO MARX, "playing" an invisible (therefore, silent) violin.
Harpo couldn't talk, (was dumb but not deaf) ... and was considered by Salvador Dali, to be one of the three greatest all-time, true American Surrealist's (along with Cecil B. DeMille and Walt Disney, in Dali's view).


Part of the extensive series (at least 70 drawings) titled; "TRILOGY".
Full title of this drawing ... "WIG OUT or 4th Wave Feminist Social Justice Warrior in Dire Need of a Safe Space".

As you can see here ... much of my so-called art is less about raising an awareness and more about raising an a-weirdness, of/ for Western Culture and it's esurient Culture Vultures.

This piece is drawn more or less in the style of Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel) whose wonderfully illustrated children's books taught me (and generations) the joy of reading, ... those books are now (partially) banned along with works by Orwell, Joyce, Steinbeck, Huxley and many others.
A fascist disaster.

I heard someone recently suggest using colleges filled with SJW's as testing grounds for neutron bombs, ... an interesting (and very understandable) notion, methinks.

top Feminism Requires Bravery Confronting Male Power

The WMS series (White Male Superiority) ... dealing with Toxic White Maleness ... many titles taken directly from (mostly 4th Wave) Feminist writers.

"The proportion of MEN must be reduced to and maintained at 10% of the human race." ... is a quote from a leading lesbian American feminist, who was a professor for gender studies for 30 years (she actually CREATED the subject of "gender studies"). So the proper name for gender studies, according to it's founder, should actually be "Misandry Studies". (Feminism is itself a misnomer as it has ultimately all but destroyed Femininity.)

If I propagated the concept that;
"The proportion of WOMEN must be reduced and maintained at 10% of the human race." ... would I be hired as a professor for gender studies anywhere on the planet ? With the possible exceptions of Saudi Arabia, Africa and/or Afghanistan, I think not.

The drawing is of "Dopey", one of those evil 7 dwarfs who terrorized Snow White, (probably named "Dopey" because he was apparently always high on crack) ... who deserved a (# Me Too) life imprisonment sentence without parole, instead of a special dwarf-sized Academy Award.

Disney's "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs" was filmed and released in 1937. Sergei Eisenstein called it the "greatest film ever made." After a private showing Adolf Hitler screamed, "Why don't WE have THIS !?" ... meaning a perfect animation process. (Joseph Goebbels often gave Hitler Disney films as birthday presents). In Nazi Germany ALL Disney films were of course VERBOTEN for the public. The first Disney release ever in Germany was "Bambi" in 1950 (the film having been released in the USA in 1942). Watching Disney's "Bambi", many Germans cried for the first time since 1945.

top I Will Gladly Identify as a Marxist Black Lesbian in Transition

Full title ... "I Will Gladly Identify as a Marxist Black Lesbian in Transition Next Tuesday, for a Hamburger Today" ... title taken (mostly) from a Terry Gilliam (Monty Python) interview with a completely humorless idiotic "woke" journalist.

top BullDogWood I

From the series of over 50 drawings and paintings titled;
"Adrift Among the Flowers of Good and Evil".

This particular Bulldog plant is one I would like to place between the legs of condescending, ignorant Anti-American Europeans (just about the only kind that exists), ... who were all much more "deserving" of the Morgenthau Plan (as Jimmy Warburg, Aby Warburg's nephew, and advisor to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, also suggested) than the Marshall Plan they got ... pay it back ye insolent bastards !

Amazingly ... Europeans are under the illusion that 2000 YEARS of being nothing but serfs, peasants, and cannon fodder for the kings and queens and psychotic racist, fascist dictators they belonged to has had no effect on their present perspective of culture, (especially what they believe to be "democracy").

That is like saying that 2000 years of being a hardcore alcoholic has had no effect on my liver.

Nevertheless, Europeans feel to be superior beings compared with "culture-less" Americans. (Hitler's "Übermensch" brain wash really worked).

John Lennon put the problem into perfect focus when he sang;
"You think you're so clever, and classless, and free ...
But you're still FUCKING PEASANTS as far as I can see."

This flower is dedicated to John (and Klaus, his bass player), and to all you (Thank GOD you LOST the War !) dear European fucking peasant's.

top Paranoiac Critical Duck Season I

From the extensive series of ca. 140 drawings titled;

"Kalifornia Über Alles" is a song from the San Francisco punk band "The Dead Kennedy's", released on their first LP (1980) that was titled; "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetable's" (a great inspiration on the young fragile eggshell mind of yours truly) and later appeared on the compilation, "Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death", ... the song was composed by the bassist Jello Biafra, on his bass guitar.

This series is a VLA or Very Large Array of pastel drawings dedicated to the Masters of 20th Century California Visual Culture; Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Robert Crumb, Walt Disney, and the animation artists of the Warner Brothers Studios.

These artists, belonging to the generation of American men and women that freed the world from Nazi German and Imperial Japanese Cannibalism, ... created new mythologies of humor that brought the world to it's knees in fits of laughter.

If the Axis Powers had won the war ... this form of High Culture (the Highest form), would only exist in a parallel universe.

These artistic geniuses have never really gotten the respect and thanks they deserved, ... until now.

(At least a few films from S. Spielberg and Clint Eastwood have honored this generation, ... the "Art World" remains largely ignorant.)

top White Toxic Male Cannibal Searching to Eat Black Angus

Part the WHITE MALE SUPERIORITY in the 20th/21st CENTURY series ... complete title of the series is;
Momentarily, this series is comprised of 68 drawings ... a compendium of repressive, suppressive, systemic evil toxic white male perverted icons of the 20th Century.

top ACRSPG 13

Part of the "Almost Completely Rational Sacred Platonic Geometry" series from 2021 A.D. .
Full title of this drawing; " Homely 16th Century Man Partly Obscured by Evaporating Ethanol Molecules".

The ACRSPG series is based on the Secrets of Platonic Solids and Sacred Geometry, described in his TIMAEUS dialog, (among other things) ...

Plato's idea being that The True Perfect World, which lies behind and beyond our human capacities of perception, is composed of the five forms of "Convex Regular Polyhedra" ... constructed with each face (plane), edge, vertex, and all angles between each face being identical, ... the Five Basic True Forms of Mystical Perfection.

Apparently, Etruscan's, Egyptians, and Pythagorean's were aware of these forms and concepts even before Plato, 2500 to 3000 years ago.

The concept being that ... THIS WORLD that we live in and perceive, is but a World of TRANSIENT Distorted Shadow's emanating from that One True Perfect ETERNAL World of Mystical Sacred Never Changing Geometric Forms, which lies out there and above, in the (to us) Invisible Great Infinite Beyond.

This pastel drawing series confronts those Two Worlds, the Eternal Mystical Perfect Geometric (Ethanol / Alcohol being the worlds oldest psychoactive drug used since Neolithic times in rituals to communicate with the gods) and the Transient Distorted Perceptible (image of a grotesque man, by Leonardo de Vinci) here directly, on planet Earth, in Two Wonderful Dimensions, just for you, once again ...
only available here, for a Limited Time only ! *

( * In this case a "Limited Time" meaning until the materials disintegrate, which will take thousands of Earth years, however, in terms of Eternity, those eons are but the blinking of an eye ...
so BUY NOW ! ... before the perceptible universe disappears !)

top ACRSPG 06

Full title ... " Semi-Transparent Cat Contemplating Dual Polyhedrons at a Mad Tea Party".

The "cat" in the drawing is Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat, from "Alice in Wonderland", ... in the story the cat bewilders Alice with philosophical questions and has the ability to completely or partially disappear at will. When the Queen of Hearts decides to behead the cat, the cat appears without a body, sparking a debate if it is possible to behead a cat that consists of only a head without a body.

"The Cheshire Cat" is also a phenomenon in Quantum Mechanics in which a particle and it's property behave as if they are separated.
There is also a "Cheshire Cat Galaxy Group" in the constellation Ursa Major (The Great Bear or the Big Dipper), which is so named because it's shape to astronomers, resembles the remaining grin of Carroll's cat that has otherwise, completely disappeared.

The particular interpretation of the cat in this drawing is based on the 1951 Disney version drawn originally by Ward Kimball, my favorite Disney artist.

Perhaps the Cheshire Cat is the only representative of the Earthly World who may enter the Platonic Perfect World of the Great Beyond ... anyway, I've always suspected that that is where he goes when he "disappears".