top ACRSPG 05

Full title ... "Hybrid Being Contemplating Rational Solutions While Being Entertained by a Blind Man".

Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus" (full original title) was first published in 1818, ... the setting of the story being a ship trapped in Arctic pack-ice ... it served as a model for C.D.Friedrich's "Sea of Ice" painting, done 6 years later in 1824. The first novel warning society of the potential catastrophic results of modern industrial science, and technological "progress".
So over two hundred years ago, this 18 year old English girl, looked deep into her creative mind's eye, and foresaw the ethical, moral, spiritual, and social problematic of what would one day in the future happen, when man through the use of science, decides to "play God" by becoming the creator of LIFE itself (cloning, genetic manipulations, etc. ... our present dilemma), ... and produced one of the most astounding and profound works of literature ever written.

This image is based on the 1935 film "Bride of Frankenstein" the cinema masterpiece by director James Whale with Boris Karloff as the creature, selected by the Library of Congress in 1998 for preservation in the National Film Registry for it's "cultural, historic, and aesthetic significance".

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Full title ... "Beyond Religious Beliefs and Scientific Knowledge Exist Yet Other HARD Truths".

Somethings (and body parts) speak for themselves ... even if they don't posses vocal chords.

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Full title ... "Rational Beauty with Certain Cartesian Coordinates" ...

top Triptych ... Reservior Bat Jester

A rare commission ... a kind of portrait ... Part 1 of 3.

I always believed in the Pop Art Concept of; "Do what you like".

People ARE that what they like.

This person liked the films, "The Jester" with Danny Kaye and "Reservoir Dogs" by Quentin Tarantino, and diverse graphic novels by Frank Miller.

This is thus he.

top Triptych

... part 2 of 3 ...

top Triptych

.... part 3 of 3 ...

top Selfportrait as Small Christmas Tree ...

Full title ... "Self Portrait as Small Christmas Tree with Large Bulbs ... No Freudian Interpretations Allowed".
Barnett Newman said, "A sculpture is something you back up into when you are looking at art".
Please don't back up into this one or you'll kill it.

top Selbstbildnis Als Leicht Durchschaubare Individuum

... Picasso said, "Regardless of whatever an artist does, and how much of it he produces, ... an artist only repeats doing one thing his entire lifetime ... everything an artist does is a self-portrait."
Who's going to argue with the big PP ?

top EnTrance

Never ending Unclaimed Elysian Stimulus search for my Walmart reward ... with its powerfully potent payout verification, partially in Phoenician Purple (Haze) ...

Having spent a large portion of my lifetime riding in subways, I find the concept of "going down" to "get somewhere" intriguing, ... riding below with the subterranean Morlocks in a big city actually gets you there faster that driving with the Dunces in the daylight above.

The Art Nouveau Paris Metro entrances "to the Underworld" are the most beautiful that exist.
Organic forms realized in wrought iron and glass (and plaster) ... the best conceptual consolidation of Nature and the Industrialized World ever produced ... will never comprehend why this style didn't last as long as Egyptian Art.

The colors are dedicated ( in three stripes) to the Triple Goddess Hecate (Goddess of Entrance-ways and the Underworld) and to the psychedelic (partially atonal) fuzzed-out, flanged, "BLUES" of Jimi Hendrix's "PURPLE Haze" ... when you're in the subway, you really can't tell
"if it's day or night ... tomorrow ... or just the end of time".

top Seven Sermons for the Dead (among others)

Some paintings grow like plants ... hopefully this one isn't flesh eating ... this one is for the Grateful Dead ... Jerry, Phil, Bob, Bill, Mickey, Keith and Donna ... (being an old Dead Head, meself).

Also based on C.G.Jung's mystical Seventh Sermon to the Dead;
"In this world is man Abraxas, the creator and destroyer of his own world."
"Prayer increaseth the Light of the Star ..."

Circular patterns like ripples from a dropped stone in water, pressure waves from an explosion, or the orbital movements of planets, stars, and galaxies ... all growing in my garden ... and on this paper in my studio.