top Never Ever (Detail)

... for Hugo van der Goes, John Waters, the Sex Pistols, and Big Bob ... among other mothers.

top Never Ever (Detail)

... God hides in the details (according to Aby Warburg ... among others).

top Rhys Chatham Performance G3 EXTENDED

(LOUD) Live performance with Rhys Chatham, Robert Longo and others during Robert's "PROOF; Goya, Eisenstein, Longo" exhibition in Hamburg, April, 2018.

top Zero EmPyre

Recorded after a visit to GROUND ZERO, NYC ... live on a Rickenbacker 350V63 12 string guitar. 4 Songs ... Total Time 33:53.

top Exorcisers Exercises

Skeleton Song Project CD206 from February 2006, recorded live at XWHQ using a 1965 Höfner Committee Bass. Songs are; "Beast Be Gone", "Gabriel Cometh", "Winter in the Monkey House" and "Ca Na Luna, Valdemossa" .... as always ... jeffturek will return.

top Ulysses

Performed LIVE 30th January, 2006 on Rickenbacker 4003S8 8-string bass guitar, at XWHQ ... Experimental World Headquaters.

top Tidal Distortion

The Skeleton Song Project is comprised of Aleatoric Electroacoustic LIVE recordings made every month from 2005 till 2012. They form a diary of deep acoustic visualizations. Performed on 4, 5, 6 and 8 string electric basses as well as various 6 and 12 string electric guitars.

top Canyon of the Dead Heroes 11 November 2005 GdG Hamburg
top  8 string bass guitar, sound check, GdG Hamburg, November 2005
top 8 sting bass guitar, Canyon of the Dead Heroes