top The edge

I had a friend called john who died of cancer when I was in my early twenties, He was 32 at the time, this painting was about his life looking over edge into the unknown I placed the flowers so close to the end of the table to put a certain pressure on the still and did not add anything to the background as you don't really know where you are going once you leave .....

top Backyard Tree

From my kitchen I can see these amazing oaks that stagger up the hill to the horse coral , this tree is constantly changing ,every day it takes on a new personality ,I love the fall mornings when the light is so clean it brings a certain magic to the hillside.

top Afternoon break
top Heavens

One of my favorite spots to surf on a big day , this painting a has a deep meaning to me ,a very important transitional time in my life ,hard to believe i will never see it again.

top Growing up

Luna Redclay on the street she grew up on (symbolic for her transition into her teenage years ,this was about saying goodbye to a little girl ) This one I refuse sell ,its one of my favorites .

top Fall 3

Small path at the end of the cliffs

top Fall

Study of bluffs park looking north

top First house
top Bluffs Park