top Massacre

How many fail to see the human tragedy of the Palestinians…

top Spain 1930-1980

History of Spain from Republic (1931-36), Civil War (1936-39) and reign of Franco (1939-75) to Constitutional Monarchy and Juan Carlos who, in the past 25 years, had been prepared for this by General Franco.

top Picknick

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, enjoying a relaxed atmosphere.

top Napoléon Bonaparte is still very much alive

Featuring "Sarko" wearing Napoleon's uniform…

top Made in Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel showing off German products, here with French letter…

top Plague of Locusts / Hedgefonds

Profit has no conscience - in its name the world is there to be exploited

top Walk to Canossa

This refers to Pope Benedict’s journey to the USA (2008) where he finally confesses that he is deeply ashamed over the conduct of the priests regarding the sex scandal that has torn the church.
In history “Walk to Canossa” (German, Gang nach Canossa; Italian, l'umiliazione di Canossa) refers to both the trek itself of Henry IV of the Holy Roman Empire from Speyer to the fortress at Canossa and also to the events surrounding his journey in 1077.

top The Ghost is Back Again

Let’s face it: Marx was partly right about capitalism.

top Apocalypse I

Hearts and minds are more important than capturing and killing people.

top I’m not really interested in a political career!

Great apes are often seen as wise and knowing figures that can help to renew a corrupted human civilization.