top Paloma Tschernobylensis

Also: Paloma Tschernobylensis, the White-winged Dove.

top Mighty Olive

The beginnings of the European Union...

top The Pleasant Days in Aranjuez are Over...

Aranjuez was the summer residence of the Spanish Royal Family. The quotation from Friedrich Schiller’s drama „Don Carlos“ has a double meaning: the summer holidays are over and, simultaneously, the monarchy is threatened by interior struggles for power.

top Portrait of Artist

Early self-portrait of José García y Más.

top Berlin

Cityscape of Berlin in 1982.

top The City of Rome.

Cityscape of Rome.

top The Magician / El Amor brujo / Der Liebeszauber

“El amor brujo” (Love, the Magician / Der Liebeszauber) is composed by Manuel de Falla. This piece of music tells the story of Candela, a gypsy girl, whose love for Carmelo is tormented by the ghost of her faithless former lover.

top Alfred Hitchcock

Homage to Hitchcock’s "The Birds".

top Running Wild

From the series: "Irresistible Wildcats".

top The Red Garden Chair

The Mona Lisa Series.