top If only you had spoken, Desdemona!

An emancipated version of Shakespeare’s otherwise submissive Desdemona.

top Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre

From the series of William Shakespeare.

top Reason (Diptych)

The fate of reason…

top Mozart’s Intermezzo

The Austrian composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is said to have been a bit of a joker.

top At War Again

Here we go again!

top Something is Rotten in the State of D. …

Quotation from Shakespeare’s tragedy "Hamlet".

top Goodbye TV!

GEZ adé!

top God Bless America

On the Day of Judgement Jesus puts war-greedy Bush, Blair & Co. through the mincer.

top Hamburger Defense

Happiness is a warm gun (The Beatles).

top In the Lion's Den

Paraphrase of the ancient legend of Europa and the Bull.