top waiting (portrait of SSK)

This painting is dedicated and inspired from disappeared tobacco buildboards and advertisings, witch imo were most beautiful addvertisings. Its a story of all poison and beutiful things all around us.

top Medusa
top Threshold Of Infinity
top Eclipse
top Fall Of Botox
top FAKE

inspiried by book covers, and fancy candy boxes, i allways wanted to build a very Fake painting. Fake art by itself

top Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

The same as usual...what to do with classics painting and how to integrate ir in modern art?

top The Abduction Of Eurobeibe

on this piece i spent most time ever i spent on one painting... but it pays of! Best realistic painting i ever did! Idea came up for me somewhere in November 2009, when i actualy started work on it, but there were a huge take offs from work.
I wanted depict a classic myth in contemporary shape, with modern symbols, like Wall street Bull carrying High end slut or pornstar on his back trough empty swimingpool, with no water.. only with some liquid remains of Gold... (in pic used reference model is Laura Dore)