top Poepe & Vacuum
top Rise Of Botox
top Fuck : Zonked
top Ritual (dyptich)   Painter vs.Model

This is my very first paintings (sketches) from my upcoming project in 2009.

top OIL

tryptich. OIL splash against concrete

top NANO

since many years this is a my first female painting. I allways loved an pinup art, classic masters and fantasy painters... so i did my shot on vision how should nude be painted today in old academic way, when you can do anything better with photo camera.
NANO.. i am a big fan of science... so tried to put in feelings of unknown future, afraid, some miracle coming up... human kind will transform , mutate until disapear ...

top xxx

these are main characters from exhibition called ECLIPSE.

top myth

left side is GOLD VOMITER and right side is WALKING SWAMP

top portrait of skull

inspired by Damien Hirst


this is the short view on my solo exhibition ECLIPSE in art gallery in Riga.
It includes animation and painting. In animation part is depicted ritual how male can reach female, but paintings show creatures of contemporary dogma.