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Lots of Monks!!!!

top Watergate 2008

A very pensive Henry Kissinger in front of the Watergate Hotel

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top Barbeque

Hmm.....Twins....Yeah, thats scary

top Al Gore in the Smog

Former US Vice President Al Gore (some would say President) poses in the smog.

top Oh No She Di-int

Three errrr...two girls gawk at another girl in a shopping mall.

top teach for america

The Teach for America program brings well intentioned teachers in to understaffed and underachieving schools (they get a free masters degree). I have been a teacher for eight years in the inner city (Harlem, South Bronx). Many of my "Teach for America" friends have quit education altogether by the end of their first year.

top OMG!!! Like It's Like Totally Like........

Like OMG its like totally like Ryan Seacrest.....I like totally watch him on like American Idol like.........Like OMG me too

Tradigital characters

Ryan Seacrest- Markers and colored pencils (digital body)

Bubble Girl- Face and shirt made with markers (jeans and bubble digital collage

Like OMG girl- all color pencil (prismacolor)