top 2015 KIM YOUNG KWON solo exhibition

Diffusion space-Here, Here and HERE
53X45.5cm Mixed media on canvas 2015

Artist Statement:
All there is in the relationship of contradiction and unity "is different, yet the same."
JANGJA of 'Butterfly Dream' is interpenetrating each other (Interpenetration) by
He says the state is one of the world showing.
Energy spread of the artistic space for people with disabilities culture artists,
Breaking the space and the dream of a butterfly 'in time (REAL ACT) to diffuse spatial appearance
It would shaping.

top Diffusion space-NiNaNo TREE
top Threshold


The wind has when someone
When you want to talk with him is
Among the people

When you find the darkness

There the wind blows

top Nature02
top Nature01

Take a look,
We went to the evening hand
The glow scream in vain the foot even

Take a look,
Piggyback your hand in my hand goes
The ants biting on a dead spider mouth goes home to find

Today is a good day, even yesterday,
Walking dreams
Like the clothes of death
Is fragmented

top I_Want_believe02

Like foolish children
We played a game
the love is
the disaster brings

top I_Want_Believe

First snow
Fell in the night
From the window I see
The traces of the tire
Black lines in
White infinity
The evening yesterday was
Not well run
You went early
Left me alone
With too many thoughts
And too much wine
Left alone I led
Long conversations with the night
About love and the feeling
The emptiness afterwards
If it is bright I'll
You call and tell

top Farland

Places of sources
Places of origin
Places of birth and death........,

Places of archaic and mythical reference.

top Entwined

Unknown room

With the lights off
Take off your clothes
Sticking naked
All muscle
All until it disappears
Embracing the bone

top Where_we_go

Don't know ... ...

Do not know happiness
Do not know Nirvana
Don't know day by day

The invigorating
Void of wisdom!