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Eventually this dries the tears
The lights pulling back
No one never dies
Do not space reborn
In such a place
No one is born without
Again, don't die space,
In such a place
Light exist?

-To Light......

top Edge_Wise

.....The bouquet is scented by the wisdom of life, give me the heap of rose petals that have been gathered to squeeze the most delirious perfume..tipped over the edge of the table is the vase...a balancing act of forgiveness, love, understanding and courage!...Shall the memory perhaps make me immortal with a kiss? How many powdered pigments do I have to mix to get the right color that dissolves the liberation from convention and paints life the shades of passion and impression lingers in the air till it melts in the single blurred and outstanding memory?.....Perhaps, let me contemplate all my possibilities....Prince Inp'yong (1622-1658) (sijo)***Don't mock a pine* twisted and bent by the winds.*Flowers in the spring wind,*can they keep their brilliance?* When wind blows and snow whirls,*you will call for me.* .......My deepest respects to a wonderfully generous artist! You make me a humble servant to the encouraging words that bring the world knowledge to my feet! How kind and thoughtful of you. My deepest thanks and a respect for choosing and taking a profound interest in my art and for all your encouragement! :) Thank you, dear Artmoz. My best regards, Katerina

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The bird whispers into my ear the word: silence, I need to hear... The blueness enchants me, but I am hungry, feed me...poetical and so divine in its beauty! Bravo!!! ....Stanzas from Ode to the Seasons ***In October au* I'm like a sliced berry.* Once the branch is broken,* Who will cherish it?* Au tongdong tari* ***In a November night au* I lie on a dirt floor* With only a sheet to cover me.* O lonely life, night without you.* Au tongdong tari* ***In December I am like au* Chopsticks carved from pepperwood* Placed neatly before you:* An unknown guest holds them.* Au tongdong tari* Koryô Songs (The Goryeo Gayo) - from the Koryo (Goryeo) Dynasty (c. 918-1392)

-Katerina Koehlerova

top Empty_Space

"Empty Space" is like a revelation, bringing the unexpected into the resolution of an eternal and familiar need of space.
It is a poignant artwork like in a tragedy or music. I experience a sense of infinity....

- Katerina Koehlerova

top Dans02

'??, ????'

= '??? ?? ???? ???, ??? ???,
?? ????, ?? ?? ??,
???? ????.

='' I think up here and snag, sadness,
Stand up for, a lot of work,
Laid out like silk.

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top Composer

To seek for relaxation, to rest, to retreat into a quiet corner of the space.
To fall asleep.
Escaping the frenzy of errand occurrences.
Returning to the motherly womb.

top winter time

Red, I said. Sudden, red.

top Beginning

The Eternally new Beginning.

Beginning! Beginning again and again, from the beginning!
The gesture of eternity new beginnings being one of the oldest avnt-garde expressions, as old as humankind has been a creative being.

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Eternity of the Errand......