top The story of the dragon who ate the goldfish, amateur art, naive

The annual gathering in the High Meadow of the most powerful and important inhabitants of the Fantasy World always attracts great attention from the inhabitants of our world. I was glad that the magician Cyril Boom was making my company because I knew that such events considered him less important than last year's snow.
- People don't even think about how much suffering and effort these "most important characters" had to put in just to be accepted into this "elite society of the most famous people" of the Fantasy World. Joining this society requires a lot of work and money. Of course, now comes the fierce struggle and fear of losing their position - the old wizard told me as we watched from one elevation the foremost creatures of the Fantasy World.
There were all kinds, they were pushing in the High Meadow, enjoyed the views of the crowd, flashing cameras, skillfully taking poses in front of cameras, emphasizing their importance. Suddenly there, behind the second hill, he heard, first silently, so on louder, the sound of fanfare and flickering sky, which attracts the attention of the crowd.
- You never know what's moving behind the hill - said the wizard Cyril Bum with a smile, comfortably nestled in the root of an old tree.
We first saw the gold stars as they spray over the hill, and a huge tentacle and the head of a creature.
"It's the Djuro dragon," said the old wizard, "I told you about him, my boy."
I remember that story - it goes like this:
Dragon Djuro was known for his willingness to help everyone, most enjoyed helping fishermen catch as many fish as possible, he would swim skillfully and forced the fish into their nets. He was good, they say, and a bit naive, so no wonder his popularity was high. And the dragon Djuro was happy with his life. On one occasion, according to the fisherman, a goldfish was found in his mouth, along with other fish. The goldfish shouted:
- I'm a goldfish, let me go, I'll fulfill your three wishes!
Whether Djuro did not hear this cry or did not care is unknown, but simply swallowed what was in his mouth. Later, he appeared every few decades, in various locations, behind it remained grains of gold, clearly unnecessary to him.
As he passed the High Meadow, all great and prominent beings disappeared in his shadow, only their eyes could be discerned in the dark full of awe, envy, and misery. Spraying gold, the Djuro dragon slowly passed, perhaps unaware of where he was, radiating great pleasure, as before when he was fishing.

top An unusual insect from the World of Fantasy, an amateur art

Inexperienced passers-by through the World of Fantasy, when they see this scene in the picture, they can be very scared, because many beings are afraid of spiders. Many escapes, more or less impressed by the network in which this spider is ruled. Better world-viewers of the Fantasy World this scene does not feel stronger than looking at the chicken leg. This bug, there are not four pairs of legs like a real spider - but only three pairs. This is a somewhat crazy bug, which claims to live only from water, light, and sun. Those who claim to know the truths - they will say the whole world of this swindler hanging on thin threads.

top Evil predator kills Yellow Head, abstract im...

because Yellowhead was too greedy for gold.

top Art idea, line number 4, outsider art painting, contemporary

a3 format
For some stories, it is best never to be told.

top Flowers from the World of Fantasy, contemporary art story

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These flowers have the ability to glow in the dark and so many times has saved lives for the stray travelers. That's why the people of the World of Fantasy are so much appreciated.
"We are happy to have this flower in our world," says Albert, flower lovers - but, unlike people, we respect all plants, from grass to orchids.

top The Baty speaks to you, outsider art with a wise message

Puppet is God and has a bigger mortadella than you!
I remember the first days of my life, as a child, I was most popular among my brothers and sisters in the nest. I was the smallest rise, parents are guarding me and pampered me as much as they could, Their love and concern for every one of my wishes, I gradually became tired, hard I endured so much attention. Could hardly wait for the day when I could leave his native nest, located in the castle of the evil Shato. I felt that something important in life was waiting for me, some task I have to do.
I'll tell you how I went to the Enchanted Forest, the huge surface, knowing that there are dangerous and powerful creatures living there. I had to examine myself, discover what kind of character is hiding in my 5-centimeter tall body. You know for dragons, witches, insidious dwarfs and other creatures who live in the Enchanted Forest, doing evil and torturing people and other living organisms to which they indulge. I came from such monsters and bad guys and called out to:
I am Baty, let's look at the strength and oppose our quality!

There was never a response, only a cursory glance and the beast was gone or the dark man would close the door in front of my nose. Here I must mention that I refute Pharaoh Mark 2's claim that I was to them not interested. Also, I do not accept, often said, that I am now the most uninteresting creature in the Magic Valley. Not! The truth is that I was then protected from some Supreme Power, perhaps invisible.
Later, I became a member of the South Sea bands, sailed to the oceans and various worlds, and participated in many battles against the evil forces and the people. Although my basic task was to care for the purity of the ship, I felt the sweetness of victory with the brilliant comrades.
I met our leader, Pharaoh Mark 2, then a little boy instructed in the secrets of the power of the Egyptian Cross and had other abilities.
Furthermore, there was the Parrot Mica, a green thick parrot of powerful wings and a fan of kiwi ice cream. It is known that she was the ruler of the country of the Amazon.
A prominent member of our group was Mupti Expentar, known as Muptičanko, from the genus of the two-leg, the champion in all sports, a brilliant and loyal fighter. It was hard to believe that he was the brother of the Evil Shato (Lucius), our greatest enemy.
Gorgon joined us, coming from a distant galaxy, King of Horns, as he was, horned, and he had the ability to squeeze the fire out of his nose and rip with claws our enemies.
With us there was also the Mystical Cone, you guessed, looked like a cone, ruled the mysterious powers that could paralyze any being, our enemies could confuse it, and so on.
When there was a defense or an attack on the mysterious energies involved, the Mystic Cone was also aided by two sphinxes, our members, Mama Sphinx, and Baby Sphinx are both very old. They knew the ancient, half-forgotten knowledge that, as they talked, come from a long time dead
God Ing. The Sphinx was our chief doctors, they brought us back to energy and encouraged a good mood. If you have any bodily illness or problem with your psyche, stay close to the sphinx for a month and heal you!
In the gang was also a scout Osac, a member of the insect race, our scout who had a dangerous sting. He was a great acquaintance of passing between the worlds, he was the messenger of our Pharaoh.
With Pharaoh Mark came also Puppet Zvonko, then very young, we knew that as a quite little, good Pharaoh, he found him in front of his own doorstep, he adopted and retired. At first, I was surprised by his performance full of arrogance, somehow he departed from the friendly atmosphere that ruled among us. He immediately stated that he was Pharaoh's first toy and asked him to call him the Great Vizier and respects the first behind Mark. I did not notice that he had possessed, except arrogance, some of the more prominent features. Once upon a time, purifying our place of residence, I heard a conversation between Sphinx and Pharaoh. The Sphinx said that they knew that Puppet was made of wood from the Old Oak, to which the evil dwarf Gregor threw a curse. Nevertheless, it was never mentioned again, so only the rumor remained.
After various clashes, mostly with the Evil Shato and the Band of Black Iks, there was a period of peace, so that the South Sea Bend parted. Pharaoh, Puppet Zvonko, Muptičanko and I stayed in the Magic Valley. I wandered a few years the length and breadth seeking my destiny and a little while and gold, without success.
It was one evening when I came to Pharaoh City to intend to visit Pharaoh and obey his advice. I heard horrible screams that were not in accordance with my knowledge of the nature of this city. Stunned, I saw a Puppet Zvonko to whip a man and says:
- Your condition is critical, knuckleheads! You, who exist by mistake, worship the Great Vizier!
A huge change in behavior, as well as the performance of the Puppet, impressed me. I rushed to Powerfull Street 14 where Marko lived and from conversations with him learned incredible events that took place during the time when I was not there. I listened excitedly and from pure habit, wiping dust at home. In the following weeks, I followed the Puppet as a shadow, he did not notice me, and my knowledge has grown rapidly in me to know what I want to be and to whom to give my faithfulness forever. Yes! I want to serve a Puppet! To be his slave, a servant, at the service of such a size! I'm really telling you, as soon as you're miserable and humble in front of the Powerful Puppet Zvonko, you're getting bigger!
will continue ...
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top The raw passions of the Skeletons population of the World of ...

In the World of Fantasy, there is no obstacle or difficulty that Skeleton Mika could prevent in achieving his goal of finding his bridesmaid. Bring six Goldflowers as a gift to his future partner, Mika will not stop, forced by a strong sexual urge, inherent genus Skeleton. The area of the Valley of the skeleton, no matter how great it is, it will search persistently, without rest, full of optimism. Its physical development and a pleasant look, to this handsome guy, can only be added value for the skeleton of the opposite sex, who is waiting impatiently somewhere his partner. When a couple came together once, the inhabitants of the World of Fantasy will listen for weeks rattle bones on bones, these sexually potent beings. A3 format

top Parrot Mica tells you,a fantastic, true story, contemporary art

Parrot Mica:
Dear reader of these lines!
Let me describe my appearance with which I am proud of. I'm tall 30 cm, with an imposing body in beautiful colors. Some creatures talk to me that I look a bit like a ball, which I'm glad to hear because I think the ball is the most perfect form among all bodies.
The ruler of the world is called the Amazonia, a planet rich in vegetation that burns two suns, the world of being almost the same as the ones you call birds. Now I do not want to talk about the War on Amazonia, which has been running for a long time until I became First among all. Responsible and authorized to keep my world as it is: natural, green and clean. Involved in secrets several portals from our clairvoyant Gray crow, I looked into various spaces layered universe. So I was on your Earth, which unfortunately is not for praise, and I came to the World Magic Valley before the start of the Great War.
The fascinating world, as you will see, is filled with many different species of beings so that at first I was made as to the fruit of one's imagination. You certainly think the same, but reading this blog, you might change your attitude.
I met Pharaoh Mark 2, I do not believe by chance, and find out about the danger that overwhelmed the Magic Valley in the form of Evil Shate Lucius and his dark hordes, I first approached myself South Seas Band. It could be said that we were an elite unit of Power who fought against the Forces Evil Shate. We have prepared thoroughly, although a short time because the enemy was dangerous.
Pharaoh was the chief strategist and leader, great plans that seemed to come from the head of an old, experienced general. He knew the knowledge of old, outbreaks civilizations that could move heavy objects, direct invisible energy to its will and also change relationships within a subject. He stared at the inventor of incredible devices and he mastered new skills quickly. In one group were Mupti Expentar, Scout Osac, Gorgon and I. Our task was to hit the enemies with raw power, fire, and various weapons. The second group was made up of Mama Sphinx, Baby Sphinx, and Mystic Cone. That group was in charge of its psychological energy characteristics hinder living creatures that made up about half of the Forces units. The second half of Forces the Evil Shate are fighting mechanically machinery whom he has constructed it.
As a member of our gang, we accepted the small Bat, without logical reason, a completely useless being from the bats family. He did the job the greatest simplicity about who did not depend on the success of our actions, such as cleaning up our secret hiding place and the like.
Probably for his sentimental reasons, Pharaoh joined in Band and Puppet Zvonko, woody and young presumptuous being, of which looked after. He had a problem with it before, although it is well known that he was really trying to raise him well. The Puppet is already in the first days, for the time mentioned preparations for War, tried to impose on everyone his will, pointing out his powers he did not have or would talk about his fictitious qualities. It was only known to me that she could eat a pile of beans and then have strong gases that were suffocating, and which speeded it very fast.
Exercising, each of us would demonstrate our warrior and other abilities, to get the strongest effect in a real fight through joint action. Seeing the action of the energy and the forces and results of the same, Puppet for hours will maltreatment Pharaoh, he begged him to have such powers under his control. Pharaoh did not listen to him, although he was, I firmly believe, able to change the structure of the brain and body. We all supported such a decision, knowing that it is better than with some energy the Puppet does not master. In order to solve persistent begging, Mark would give him the false keys of "power," various talismans and similar things, and Zvonko would be naïve convinced that the objects were acting, trying to put all of us under his control as slaves. For a while, he was dinky with these little things like, what you call a Christmas tree. Realizing that he did not succeed in his crazy intentions, he would just say he was kidding.
When the real battles began, Puppet Zvonko showed fearlessness and the grit that made us all astonished. Upside down he would rush among his enemies, screaming in a deep voice incompatible with his size, causing panic among opponents. He used to hit with his head, the bites of the throat were not strange to him and the effect of gas from beans, mowing the enemy lives. It was fascinating to see this 15-centimeter large creature how confident shouts in the midst of battle:
- You're shaking you wretches, when you see me, the mighty Vizier, I'm Dominus & Deus, your irrelevant existence is the end! My powers are the greatest!
It's strange how much his words and performances are devastating impacts on them, so it was a little bit too much to spread the news how Puppet has some supernatural abilities.
After the Great War ended with our victory over Forces Evil Shato, I went immediately back to my Amazonia to solve some problems that have begun to create rebel earthworms.
will continue...

top 008 - kopija Inspiracija umjetnika (muza) u Svijetu Fantazije...

Artists from the planet Earth believe that inspiration is an inner energy that gives them ideas, mental power which strengthens the will to create a new work. We Assheads from the World of Fantasy, we know that inspiration is a living being that manages the actions of artists, states them to actions that normal man would not do. We consider the coming of inspiration - to a reasonable extent - good for creativity, but if the inspiration gets us in a firm hug and does not give up, it can have a devastating impact on the individual. In such instances, inspiration shows their other, insidious nature, about which little is spoken. Inspiration will, for example, propel artist - as the devil sinning soul - to constantly create, to eat is not thought, to be many nights sleepless, his sexual life can suffer, etc. Striking inspiration, such as a comet in the head, can, in some cases, result in a straitjacket, even death. We Assheads know that it is not wise to give advice to the artist struck by inspiration, warn him that there are still other joy and values in life. His inspiration closed his ears, he works with him as with a toy, so the artist could retaliate with aggression, considering that his personal freedom was compromised. For these and other reasons, we Assheads, marginal artists from the World of Fantasy, do not give special importance to artistic inspiration.
- It's important to paint something, dance some dance, make some melody - says asshead Caci - - no matter what you create, there will always be someone stupid enough to see art in it.

top Puppet Zvonko, the source of artistic inspiration, outsider art

Happy are those who understand the following text - intended solely for the devotees of the Exalted. The Puppet apostles, Puppet Zvonko followers (hereinafter Puppetapostles), rightly praised Puppet Zvonko for the area of art. In its intention to raise the culture of the Magical Valley to the desired level, they are constantly opening up exhibitions of masterpieces with only one theme and purpose: the elevation of the Majestic Puppet Zvonko.
The famous artist Stiv Abstract entered the Art Museum of the Magic Valley, down his face, tears were coming to each other. Two weeks ago, One Puppetapostle took one of his work from his atelier
and badly beat him up, because the work is not displayed Puppet. Soon he recognized his work, the collage he had been working for years, tried to achieve harmony, vitality, and proportions, that collage should represent his vision of art that lived in him all his life, until old age in which it is now.
Now he could only - with dumpling in the throat - to look at your work besides the Puppetapostles inflicted colors. Especially affected his artistic, sensitive soul, the look of Luther Zvonko, also collage, who were glued by the Puppetapostles, on top of everything. Probably in some insane inspiration, thought Stiv Abstract, wanting to show the celestial component of Luther Zvonka's personality, they added wings, which the Puppet does not own. Steve Abstract sniffs the stink (Puppetapostles do not wash themselves wishing and that way show how special they are), a Puppetapostle approached him.
- I see the strong emotions that this beautiful art, quite normal, arouses in you, old man. The character of our Lord, Puppet Zvonko, leaves no one indifferent, people in a moment understand where they are, life changes to anyone, regardless of age.
Stiv Abstract just nodded and began to cry even harder. He stepped out of the museum slowly and in one side alley, he opened the bottle of poison. A 3 format