top Unmistakably prediction symbol 3

Birth, plant life, the need for action, the progress in all fields of life, liberty, big yield is expected, caution due to poor self-control, the subconscious.
This symbol when it appears in divination, and the issue is related to only the money, it will be a favorable outcome.
This symbol protects the house and the person wearing it from infection.
This symbol of the government in May and June.

top Napad na svijetlu tocku The attack on the light point  old bo...

But no, do not ask me
Why as weeds grow
tireless shadows.

top Vise zivota More lives stara kost old bone

A group of well-known artists in the museum area in the audience's presence created their works, so I went to the museum to look at this cultural event. Going behind the museum building I noticed a lot of paper, paint, broken brushes, half-completed work and other rubbish which artists rejected during his creative process. At that moment I heard a rustle behind piles of waste art. Much to my surprise, my teacher, magician Cirilo Bum, pulling the used papers, sketches and other other unfinished works that artists are thrown.
- What are you doing here? I asked him.
Wizard Cirilo Bum found some discarded pen and put it in his pocket so it starts quickly move away, carrying a few sheets of paper under his arm.
- Come on after me - call me.
I reached him just at the end of town and we sat on the bench. The branches of a tree towered above us like a hand that protect us.
Cirilo Bum stretched a piece of paper and happily exclaimed - Excellent! So many creatures are waiting to be born!
I saw some patches of different colors, perhaps the artist experimented with color in this paper. Cirilo Bum took out a pen and quickly begins to harrow the paper. It was concentrated, in the form of rolls, his mouth was half open, like a grandfather who must quickly write a will because death is sitting on his neck.
- How beautiful you are! Live! - He would say after he had finished some character.
For me, his creatures he painted on the paper, which he was so rejoicing, is a living horror, far from the notion "Art must strive for beauty".
- Energy color, energy in my hand, the energy in you - talking to a sheet of paper old wizard - that no one has see you, does not mean you will not be...yes .... live, live my little rhino ... - he would murmur so.
Knowing this state of trance in which he sometimes slipping, I went to the museum because wizard Cirilo Bum was no longer capable to talk.
Later, I realized that I was attending a specific magical procedure but my eyes were green.

top Sedam opasnosti Seven magnificent dangers

In the Strange forest there are many poisonous and predatory plants and creatures, but among moving residents for their evilness particular note are the seven (description from left to right):
Rods, like bamboo, these beings stray individuals create dense and imperishable barriers, so they are forced to turn away from its path. Always re-creating obstacles slowly but surely lead astray travelers deeper into the forest.
Below them are shown Beads, surely the worst being in a Strange forest. In large groups of a thousand or more individuals, such as piranhas, attacking anyone who gone astray into their territory of the forest. Their sharp beaks tearing tissue with poor victim until there is only a skeleton.
There is a Large nipping, insidious creature that stray travelers offering help, posing as a ranger. Then it leads deeper into the dark part of the forest and what is happening with the unfortunates does not is known, nobody's ever come back.
Until it is Briar, being evil and upside down, hiding in the bushes beside the road and enjoys a slap in the face of passersby with their sharp spines.
Flying leaf or feather, appears only at night and asking for stray travelers. If a passenger falls asleep or doze, will to stab him deeply with his needle at the end of the tail. It will work all night, so that poor creature in the morning all exhausted.
Yellow Fungi is a type of fungus height of about one meter. Very wild, without innate safety precautions, as soon as he saw the unknown creature attacks without thinking with only one purpose: to kill. First stroke his massive body, then bites without ceasing.
Seven are The Invisible howlers. In large groups, suddenly, day and night, besieged by stray travelers loud the roars from which the blood ran cold. Although they are present in the image, due to its invisibility, you certainly will not notice them.

top Art Galerija Svijeta Fantazije, Kralj Zemlje Razbi-brige u pr...

Immediately when he appeared in the World of fantasy - but it is not known from where he came - it drew attention the native people. He sang cheerful songs, had no luggage, wearing only smile on his face and never took it off.
- Who cares ... it is so unimportant that I long ago forgot - he said when asked about his name. Planning what will work and eat tomorrow, how to prepare for the coming of winter, was not peculiar to him.
- I do not worry about it, now would make me unnecessarily burdened by worries about what will happen tomorrow.
It seems that he liked one area flat hills, so he stayed there going to easy walk and slept under the trees. Looking at it, everyone could feel the peace and contentment that radiated from him. Some good soul carried him food - We can not let a good man starve! - they would say - maybe he's a saint, just a little weird.
It was not long time and the emergence of the first fans of the man who did not care about nothing, at least for themselves. There were pastors, sociologists, philosophers, psychiatrists and other characters, each one of his reasons - wanted to admit it or not - was a bit fascinated by it.
- He is The King! The King pastime! - yelled someone suddenly from the crowd gathered around him. Could hear an affirmative muttering, like prayer. During that time He was asleep, he did not care for what is happening around him.
The King awoke, smiled at the people around him, he went behind the wood and urinating. Then, loudly singing a joyful song, go for a walk sunny slope of a hill. The crowd walked silently behind him watching him, sought to understand the secret of its attractiveness.
- O King - says a man running in front of him - how to forget about the worries and obligations that to me daily torment? To be like you!
The King smiled and spoke wisely:
- It's simple! All their duties, the job of which are currently you're living, immediately stop work! There will be appear a lot of problems and worries that you will not be able to by no means solve. When you realize that it is impossible to solve these worries, you'll be a free man!
As a point with these words, The King farts loudly and sang again and went on.
There were many of those who are seriously thought about the King words but did not have the strength to go down that road of liberation. There is a strong group of fans who claim that The King did not reveal all the secrets of his teachings, and it continues to follow him, closely examine his daily activities.

top Runa Nied old bone art stara kost

What you want you will not get
suffering which burns in the heart will not stop nor this evening.
Mouth eager food will forget the sweetness
needs will grow like a tapeworm
you'll be smaller and thinner
only will your eyes growth
but in vain.
Pray for your future
the best thing you can do now
If thee necessity did not take balls and savvy
but you hope - will be
but will not
will not be being answered your wishes
will not drink water from springs
and alas! even the most basic
what by a rule belongs to all
you will not have.
Pray for your future
is the best thing you can do now.

top Koska izjavljuje ljubav Bony declares love old bone art stara...

In the World of fantasy exist beings known as Bony. Most of the other inhabitants of the World of fantasy experiencing them as a closed community, uninteresting creatures of Mother Nature that is not adorned with special beauty, only hard exterior of which was not much use. The first impression is sufficient for many to lose interest in a deeper understanding. Known for certain to them Toothpicks great friends, this is explained by the well-known characteristic Toothpick - they love to clean someone's teeth, bones and bone growths of every kind. But Toothpicks know that their interior is soft, full of feelings as well as in other, external appearance more attractive beings.
The drawing shows one Bony that declares love elect of his heart, after a long time spent in a romantic walks, and in the exchange of sympathy. This guy from the kind of Bonys asked four Toothpick to be his positive support when this love declaration because Bony is very shy.

top Runa Ehwaz old bone art

Quagmire is a sweet illusion, my friend
its spirals are very short and do not lead anywhere
you become a robot with a battery at reserve
sad elongated face
eyes to you lose luster
washed rag
listen to me when I tell you
just give in to the journey.

Already with the first step will flow faster
your blood dark colored
one strong secret
will be the flywheel
and you will receive energy of animal which you need
sad flabby
listen to me when I tell you
culverts yourself traveling.

Look at the sky and go, my friend
and inside, left, right
Let you always in the back blowing wind
find a new road and start watching
feel the acceleration and holy fatigue
listen to me when I tell you
just give in to the journey.

top The unusual landscape that hiding in itself emotions
top Kostojed sa zelenom kragnom Boneeater with green collar

Bone-eater is this interesting inhabitant of the World of fantasy as its name suggests, feeds on the bones but it should not be considered some kind of poor scavengers. On the contrary, bone-eaters are civilized, environmentally conscious, pleasant being outstanding moral values. They can be considered the elite in the World of fantasy and even benefactors, often organized a humanitarian events that are widely known because of free food for all in need. Bone-eaters are top chefs and many hungry creatures at such events are enjoyed in the clear soup of bones, bone marrow on toast and other specialties of bones. Their soup of bones eminent doctors recommended as a remedy for the digestion.