top Mortician, a wonderful and useful being, a fantastic story

- Here he is, he comes! - Pepe Fajgl said, pointing at the top of the hill.
The environment was typical for the territory of a mortician: valleys overgrown with low grass, and with some high ground. Pepe Fajgl and I left the corpse Henri de Functa at the foot of the hills and watched the Mortician as it approaches the dead body at a uniform speed, his beautiful eyes were fixed to the deceased.
"It's wonderful," I said to Pepe, - it is certainly longer than 20 meters. -
The Morticians are the beings that all the inhabitants of the World of Fantasies respect and love, since they have appeared, the precious earth is no longer polluting with graves and cemeteries, number of burning corpses and then a terrible smell almost came to zero, pollution of the lake and the sea throwing the dead into the water stopped. After Mrs. Death takes life and the soul went away
in the wheel of the final verdict, it remains only material, dead, a bit valuable part once alive being, the meat that becomes a problem for family and community.
Mortician comes to the dead body of the late Henri, its enormous mouth silently sucked corpse, he turned, and dignity went behind the elevation, the problem was solved forever.
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top Flower, contemporary illustration with a fantastic story

For a large number of people, life changed when, by chance - or destiny - they met the flower species Blandissimaetea, a special beauty. The flower communicated with other beings is naturally innately (if the flower wants to communicate with one another) it quickly attracts attention to its personality and is carefully listened to what the flower has to say about any subject. The claim that the flower unconsciously, without any bad intentions, the widespread scent of the opiate, is certainly correct. A person who spent some time in the company of the flower of Blandissimaetea, will feel the need to be with the flower as often as that gathering in it provokes a sense of satisfaction. Here it should be said that depending on the person, Blandissimaetea can awaken in the person's dependence on the flower and strong emotions that can be a big problem. There is no help or good advice here, if the flower does not want to continue to hanging out, the person remains for a long period of time struggling with himself and with his feelings.

top Psychiatry eleven, weird contemporary drawing by old bone

For some stories are best never to be told.

top Politicians,true story, the World of Fantasy, contemporary paint

cardboard 100 x 70 cm.
When in the World of Fantasy comes to purple fog, then it is known that this is a magic obstacle, behind the fog is some being whose influence should be limited as little as possible. I thought of the wizard of Cirilo Bum, only he could have made such a strong blockade.
- I see you've met with area politicians, my apprentice - suddenly I heard a voice behind me. It was the Cirilo Bum, which, as always, unexpectedly appears anywhere.
- Politicians? - I ask him - I did not hear that there are such beings in the World of Fantasy, it is probably some demons that eat people, awful creatures that spread evil and suffering.
"Let's get behind the obstacles to see them personally," said the old wizard, "you will be under my protection all the time.
Immediately after the magic blockade, I heard some voices, quarrels, and controversy. The noise came from a large building similar to the old hospital, located on a small hill.
- The inhabitants of the World of Fantasy have made a wise decision a long time ago that politicians should be removed from public life and placed in an isolated place - he spoke to me as we approached the large building - long ago, politicians led our world, passed laws and managed our community, but it quickly proved to an ordinary resident of the World of Fantasy of their action has no use. On the contrary, laws acted as rocks on their backs, hindered free life, their decisions often led to wars, politicians are - unknown why - spreading intolerance and hatred between the creatures just because they were born differently.
- Incredible, what a monster! - I said angry and looked through a window to see those creatures - monsters. To my surprise, I see external appearance quite normal beings, with a big mouth - beaks, big eyes, no ears, how they argue and pronounce sentences with many foreign words. I listened to them for about half an hour, they began to repeat the same phrases, they emphasized that there are enemies of their way of life which should be prevented, individuals have pointed out that it is necessary to work even more for the benefit of the World of Fantasy, and that in an unspecified future everyone will be better off.
"It is interesting that these are members of various kinds - keep up their story of Cirilo Bum - but with time spent together and dealing with politics, they all become the same: they develop their mouths - the ones they use the most - in a big beak with which can badly hit per other politicians. Their big eyes only serve them to see the danger of their position. Ears are not used and are completely stunted, the problems and the misery of the unhappy people do not reach them. -
It was interesting to me with how much enthusiasm they made their point, not saying anything concrete, out of them the feeling of self-importance came out. They often emphasized that it was necessary if you want to find the best solution, another discussion. I asked the old wizard if they knew their fierce debates were useless.
"Of course they do not know," said Čirilo Bum - there are several fake cameras that they think they're recording, that their shows are broadcast live on television for the World of Fantasy. This fulfills them with pleasure, with pleasure much higher than the salary they receive.
- Salary? - I'm surprised at this information - these useless characters here only beat up an empty straw.
- The damage that their salaries make the cash register of the World of Fantasy is negligible
compared to the damage that politicians could make to let them go outside to spread their attitudes. Here behind the magic obstacles, they are happy, the World of Fantasy without them has a chance to thrive - concludes this story old wizard.

top  Magic tree, oldboneart fantastic story and contemporary picture

I was not the least bit surprised when I saw the Magic tree. Powered by the energy of increased faith - about which the old witch often spoke - it was just a matter of time when I would find it. My tree was silent to offer its magical fruits, I knew it was wise to choose only one. The one who seriously paces the path of magic does not pick random fruit, but take the one that requires the most effort to be picked. I was standing satisfied some time, feeling the wind blowing in my back, for a long time I was traveling without him.If you want to buy some of my works, with confidence contact me.

top Evil child, naive art with a fantastic story

Jura Skeptic entered the inn, fast approaches to the bar and uttered:
- A double dose of brandy, right now!
His face was pale and breathing accelerated. As soon as the innkeeper Joe pour a drink, Jura grabbed the glass and ingested brandy, deeply sighed and said:
- I saw the Evil Child!
We present are silent and waited while Jura regains his composure, it was clear that he was very frightened. Jura Skeptic gave a sign with his finger innkeeper to pour another drink to him, and continue:
"I went before the darkness in the woods to pick up cranberries, to help me with bladder inflammation. I already found the darkness, when I feel in a bush I'm not alone, I look up and I see in the shadow - Evil child. He sat on something, he looked at me without words, no movement. Just that silence, tense immobility and a penetrating view, crept in me fear that is difficult to describe. I did not stop running all the way here."
Jura Skeptic then jerked another brandy, exhaled air from the lungs and relax his shoulders. Innkeeper Joe put a hand on Jura's shoulder and spoke in a voice full of understanding:
- Welcome to the club. Who has met the Evil Child begins to put many questions to himself.
I was sitting in the corner and the first thing that came to my mind that the fear of a child probably worse than fear of evil spirit.

top About the battles and the like, incomprehensible art and story

It's been a while since we saw a big tree, wizard Cirilo Bum and I wandered somewhere in the Great Steps, around us the landscape consisted of mostly yellow and brown hills that ended up on the horizon. Wasteland has welcomed us with silence, blades of grass and stunted plants patiently waiting for the rain which is, as always, was late. Only here in this desolate plain, said the old wizard, growing a kind of hard grass that strengthens the cognitive ability of a philosopher, a wise man, wizards and similar characters. I had a feeling to this unusual environment, unexplored and empty, little putting me to sleep, then I noticed the old wizard that it has stayed behind me and watched something in the country. When I got back to him, he pointed his finger at one bushy grass and said:
- Look at!
I saw nothing but land and grass, half dry, sticking out in all directions.
- Look more careful! - repeat the Chirilo Bum.
I put together little eyelashes and indeed: I see two small beings - - the size of the head of matches - how they stand between the grassroots. Then they started pushing each other, sought to take only known to them, a better position, fighting for a fraction of the territory, at a fraction of the territory of Great Steps. It was fun to observe them as they persisted and did not give up their own, completely unmistakable fighting for a small space under one bushy grass when such bushes have a lot of them around them. I crossed my hand across the grass to confuse them, but in vain - they continued their little battle for turf as if it was the only one in the world.
- They can not see you and you can not turn them away from their intentions, it's in them "said the old wizard.
Some time, with a smile, I watched them invade each other, captured in their own world, and then I see that the wizard Čirilo Bum looks to the sky. There were clouds in the sky who rushed one another, and they were attracted long-awaited rainfall.
- Will rainfall today? - I ask.
"I do not know, I did not think about it," said Čirilo Bum - It's just me for a moment passed the feeling that someone is watching us from above. But that's always in me.

top A World of Fantasy, a typical scene, marginal art, bad story

I'm glad you're looking at this my artwork and you've noticed a few characters from the World of Fantasy. Some of these creatures even talk. And that's all. Who persistently seeks in this scene some deeper beauty, hidden harmony, wise message, etc., let him know that he accepted a stupid job. That is not here. Figures from the world of fantasy do not need it.

top Puppetbible front page, true art which introduces you to worship

Word of truth whom you do not want to know
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top Tri demona Three demons  ilustracija strange illustration

This work in itself does not contain beauty, nor wisdom in the text. When the corner of an eye you see three demons when they pass by you, there is nothing beautiful. And the fact that demons change their shape depending on the position of the light source, there is no wisdom, even small children know it.
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