top Nova generacija - krik New generation - cry

In the last period of time, there is a growing number of people who, by loud howling, disturb the peace and the current flow of life in the World of Fantasy. Already have forgotten the events with Michael - see -
but these new, inappropriate instances of individuals can no longer just ignore the writer of these lines. These people - screamers know how to surprise the normal people of the Fantasy World in all places and at all times. However, it has been found to be particularly attractive for places where more people gather. Modern shopping malls during large bargaining, election meetings by more or less prominent politicians, during a long traffic collapse, etc., more often suddenly hear loud busts that last for a few minutes. It was noted a scream when someone found a bunch of advertising flyers in their mailbox or during the advertising announcement in the public media. There was some wonder among the people of the World of Fantasy - and he demands something to be done about breaking the public order and peace - but soon society gets used to occasional screaming. Preoccupied by their jobs for which they are always lacking enough time, the people of the Earth of Fantasy say: We live in democracy, let everyone do what he wants until he touches me. A small number of people stop and watch the Screamings which yelling until they remain breathless and then quit, fall to their knees and quietly sobs. Of these scenes, some claim, benefit have psychiatrists and large antipsychotic companies.

top Neumjereni Incontinent
top Tajno mjesto Secret place

Uneasy feeling when meeting with the skeletons totally is incomprehensible because they are bones part of the human and many other creatures. Therefore, this harmless and dear creatures hiding in the secret place of Fantasy World where they find the peace that they deserve.

top Planeta ima dusu The planet has a soul

The arrival of researcher Pepe Fajgla (see will always attract the numerous inhabitants of the Earth of the Fantasy which wanted news.
- I was on a small planet that its inhabitants call the Earth. The beings who are called people, from me unmistakable reasons are doing everything to smash the environment and destroy the living conditions on Earth - said Pepe Fajgl. - You must be really crazy when you cut the branch you are sitting on.
The beings who listened to him looked at the wonder, not believing their ears.
- Those spirited stunted creatures who are called people, are not aware that every planet is a living organism that has a soul - said an experienced researcher - it is painful to see how the Earth suffers the pain of its offspring as the mother to which the child, when growing, slaps.
The assembled beings who listened to Pepe Fajgl long and sad speech about humanity thought of many lifeless planets, their patience and optimism that a spark of life would glow in their midst.

top Tvrdoglavi Janko Stubborn Janko

There are people we observe with wonder - or admiration - because they never turn away from their path and will persistently try to achieve their intentions. Janko Threehumps lives in the World of Fantasy, he has average qualities and abilities, a phenomenon that would not be worth mentioning that he does not always show incredible perseverance, and individuals think it is more accurate to say stupidity. It is known to everyone that it is not wise to go through the territories of the Cactus - beings late in the evening or at night, because these dangerous inhabitants of the Earth of Fantasy with their bodies besiege a stunned traveler and keep him long captive, sometimes for days. Then suddenly go, the unfortunate of fatigue and exhaustion almost always falls to the unconscious and is left lucky to spare him some day. No one counts how many times a ranger or adventurer found Janko Threehumps on the ground unconscious, how many times have Janko said that there is a safer way to reach some of his objectives. Why does Janko persistently go through the territory of the Cactus - beings we can only guess. Do he want to prove something to himself or others, or crazy obsession drives him at least one pass through that dangerous area and thus gain some sort of victory? Some claim that Janko only wants to draw attention to himself, a few advocating that he is anxious and deep-seated to achieve what is considered impossible.

top lutak zvonko puppet symbol 4 proricanje Divination

Physical work, travel, achieving short-term goals, peace, life, the meaning of existence, the possibility of turning for the better, the best time for marriage or relationship, intellectual and spiritual development.
This symbol should carry with you until we fulfill the greatest desire.
This symbol is associated with the month of July and August.

top Bas takvu te volim I love you like you are

You can get angry at me
Because that fits you so well
To say that love is shown in other ways
which are better than mine
But I will look at you with my heart
I will love you with my eyes
I really like you what you are.
And when you're angry
I am happy you are my
I'm watching you how special you are
Grown into a miraculous flower
Even your stubbornness I love
And I love you like you are.
So many be your own there is not anywhere else
And I am proud that you are mine
Heart deep down like three oceans
Fragile, and so strong
And above everything else
I love your big eyes that hide the secret
And mouths that hide fruit
And I love you like you are.
I laugh because I love you
Every day
I love watching you sleep under a canopy
I like to watch you when you look at me
even secretly
And listen to you when you're silent
on your throne
I really like you what you are.

top Unmistakably prediction symbol 3

Birth, plant life, the need for action, the progress in all fields of life, liberty, big yield is expected, caution due to poor self-control, the subconscious.
This symbol when it appears in divination, and the issue is related to only the money, it will be a favorable outcome.
This symbol protects the house and the person wearing it from infection.
This symbol of the government in May and June.

top Napad na svijetlu tocku The attack on the light point  old bo...

But no, do not ask me
Why as weeds grow
tireless shadows.

top Vise zivota More lives stara kost old bone

A group of well-known artists in the museum area in the audience's presence created their works, so I went to the museum to look at this cultural event. Going behind the museum building I noticed a lot of paper, paint, broken brushes, half-completed work and other rubbish which artists rejected during his creative process. At that moment I heard a rustle behind piles of waste art. Much to my surprise, my teacher, magician Cirilo Bum, pulling the used papers, sketches and other other unfinished works that artists are thrown.
- What are you doing here? I asked him.
Wizard Cirilo Bum found some discarded pen and put it in his pocket so it starts quickly move away, carrying a few sheets of paper under his arm.
- Come on after me - call me.
I reached him just at the end of town and we sat on the bench. The branches of a tree towered above us like a hand that protect us.
Cirilo Bum stretched a piece of paper and happily exclaimed - Excellent! So many creatures are waiting to be born!
I saw some patches of different colors, perhaps the artist experimented with color in this paper. Cirilo Bum took out a pen and quickly begins to harrow the paper. It was concentrated, in the form of rolls, his mouth was half open, like a grandfather who must quickly write a will because death is sitting on his neck.
- How beautiful you are! Live! - He would say after he had finished some character.
For me, his creatures he painted on the paper, which he was so rejoicing, is a living horror, far from the notion "Art must strive for beauty".
- Energy color, energy in my hand, the energy in you - talking to a sheet of paper old wizard - that no one has see you, does not mean you will not be...yes .... live, live my little rhino ... - he would murmur so.
Knowing this state of trance in which he sometimes slipping, I went to the museum because wizard Cirilo Bum was no longer capable to talk.
Later, I realized that I was attending a specific magical procedure but my eyes were green.