top Behind Unexplored territory

Researcher Pepe Fajgl, after passing through the Unexplored Territory, emerges in the clearing: a large green meadow stretched over to the mountain whose tops had white caps. Pepe saw the lonely oak, his treetop created a shade that called for a pleasant vacation. When he came near to notice a person at the foot of the oak, it was an old man long-white beard who stretched out his thin body on an old sleeping bag. His face, wrinkled by the wind and the life, eveal tired and serenity, the eyes of heaven-blue were staring at Pepe with an indifferent look that could not be surprising. The old man came to the end of his life - and as a wise man - he chose a nice place where he would die. Pepe offers him food and water but the old man refuses to move his hand.
Researcher Pepe Fajgl tells him where he comes from, about his need to find unusual buildings and artifacts that are always found in the World of Fantasy with the added effort.
"I am Sid Truthgod, a seeker of God in an experiential sense," the old man suddenly spoke a weak voice, and with finger pointed to some old paper scrolls - and the guardian of files of the Unknown Insects.
This statement surprised Pepe because the name of Sid Truthgod was legendary among the Researchers, the file of Unknown Insect claimed to contain a key that allows access to God.
- Did you find God? Pepe Fajgl asked.
- I was looking for God, found the man - the old man said.
Then the old man started quietly talking about his story, while the sun was slowly lurking behind the mountains, the snowy peaks of the silver reflection they made the end of the day solemn and soothing. In short, the story goes like this:
After he has thoroughly studied and deciphered the files of Unknown Insects (in the following works there will be more words about Unknown Insects), Sid concludes that God can only meet at the borders of worlds, keeping the technique written in the papers.
- My enthusiasm knew no bounds. Not only will everyone have the opportunity to come to a direct, realistic contact with God but to dismantle the various structures of religious organizations which like giant parasites, for centuries they live well in the faith and hump of ordinary believers.-
Thanks to the techniques described in the files of Unknown Insects, Sid has come to the limits of the worlds for years, wandering around the universe and moving from one universe to another. Eventually, he traveled within himself, discovering that his interior, brain, dream world, sensation, his atomic structure, etc., is much larger than the multiverse. Along with this, he had to be careful not to turn from a healthy mind, to find himself in the World of illusion without being aware of it.
"In the end, was left only the World of Fantasy, to come to its end. It is impossible to describe with words how much space is there and how much space there is in it, what effort is needed to break through the many phenomena and energies that, when you think there is nothing out there, there is still more than one other. Thus, yesterday, in the end, through the World of Fantasy, long journey, through nothing, then began to emerge a new world began to materialize the unknown things and the beings who watched me behind some lines. But God, I did not see him.-
The old man was shut up and tired his eyes closed. Pepe Fajgl then notices that the old man probably stayed for a long time in this place. Below the sleeping bag the grass was not green, it was brown - yellow color. He decided to stay this night under the oak so the old man did not die alone. Night was falling and darkness covered the strange life of a seeker for the truth. Oblivion will extinguish any memory of an old man who died somewhere behind the Unexplored Territory.
"Where is God's justice here?" Pepe Fajgl asked himself.

top Appearance from the World of Fantasy, brut illustration

Such phenomena in the World of Fantasy have a large number and completely independent of anything, they live their lives. The people of the World of Fantasy ask no question what these forms serve and whether their existence has some profound meaning.

top Art gallery The Most Beautiful Nose Out, funny illustration

There are worlds and communities, more or less conservative, with varying degrees of openness to new ideas, new forms of communication, and acceptance of new values. The World of Fantasy is undoubtedly the most open place for all news, an environment that will not easily discard new streams into science and art. Conversely, when one creature is inclined to innovation, creativity and thinking differently than most, the World of Fantasy is the right place for him. Recently in the World of Fantasy - rightly - a very popular skill in shaping secretion from the nose, admirable skill which is very fun and attracts the attention of a large number of viewers. When the Fromnoses brothers were brilliant at the contest "The Most Beautiful Nose Out," Fric Theory (let's mention that Fric is the uncle of the Byzantes brothers) a prominent critic of art, the alpha & omega cultural scene of the World of Fantasy:
- Perfect forms derived from subconscious inspiration of archetypal artistic expression! Art that is drastic, fresh and that does not leave you indifferent, art in concrete action, street and circus, raw art in one, and much more! Nosy Secretion Art, an explosive art that will change the old and established but putrid understanding of what is true art! This is the direction that every artist needs to strive, if there is an open mind!

top Leonor story, contemporary artwork from Fantasy World

Far away, untouched nature, areas of vegetation where the human foot has not yet passed, such places attract Leonor. For this reason, it is no surprise that the good Leonor feels better in the World of Fantasy, full of forests, meadows and other natural beauties. When he comes to such a place, in silence, Leonor has been watching the environment, for a long time, filled with pleasure and happiness that he sees first. Second day Leonor will go further, making sure he leaves no trace behind him.
100X70cm., cardboard

top Those who bring boredom, contemporary outsider artwork

Those who do not believe in the existence of these beings, the inhabitants of the World of Fantasy are called fools and unimaginative stumps. If you have a slightly stronger sixth sense then you feel their action in your surroundings, but also in your interior. That small, many beings (energies) suck up every act, desire for change, emotions that push us forward - and many other -, key points that allow us to experience some surprise in the near future. We then feel the presence of a rotted deadness and in the near future we do not see that something new could break the apathetic situation. When these tiny gluttons eat the chance to swing and instill hopelessness in us, disappear is unknown where, leaving boredom and helplessness. It depends on us how much it lethargy, in which we are, last.
100X70 cm

top From the notebook of the old witch, wise magic artwork, for you

The sun started to sink behind the far mountains just when I go out from Great Woods. I quickly collected some dry branches, it is always better to wait for the darkness with the light and warmth of the fire. I asked Nott, the goddess of the night to keep me, and then extract the old witch's book from the bag. I open it randomly and I see the illustrations you see, the presentation of the system that the witch used to read the past and the future. In this skill she was extremely gifted, so she told me many times about prophecy:
- Think twice are you going to say it, what you see is going to happen.Find your way of developing the ability of divination, starting from the fact that everyone is unique, There is no universal formula for those who really want to go far to the path of magic. Be forever a wise Pupil who seeks and takes a fertile grain from many fields and uses them later in their personalized occult procedures.
I leaned my head on a trunk, thinking. Fire bent into unusual shapes and I stared at her. In my brain it was slowly getting light, knowledge is growing that witch had long since surrendered all the magic tools, I just had to work.
100X70 cm, cardboard

top In the center of attention, amateur illustration, weird story

- The human species is too burdened with the term "beauty", and men and women are most often unhappy with their appearance. Many people even suffer from mental pain, have a feeling of less value - because they have created in their minds a picture of themselves as a ugly and unattractive person, "said Old Bone..
We were sitting around the campfire and watched him how to ignites tobacco pipe and then continued:
- One saying says,"A woman ass adorns, and cake, nut." Furthermore, someone else will find beauty in the eyes of some being, the third one considered most important sex organs of a being. We do not need to wonder the human race (who is known to be submissive with suggestions and little use of his own brain) that he will always find some deficiency on his body and look, to bother them like a stone in a shoe.
Old Bone took a piece of paper out of the bag, spread it out and show us the picture ( whom you see.)
- This is Gojko, a critical case of being, who has convinced in his mind that he is extremely ugly and most incredibly, he is - from the World of Fantasy!
I looked at the picture well and I was surprised how it was possible that Gojko so think about yourself. Being it was very cute, with small horns, tail wonderful and beautiful nails.
Mica Threeboobs, sitting up to me, whispered:
- Buck.
- Gojko heard some pleasant words about his appearance, but they all experienced it as a mockery in his account - continues story Old Bone - and began to hide in the inaccessible forests, moan over himself, avoiding appearing in the public. At his unpleasant surprise, he became more and more the center of attention of some creatures, only those beings known reasons. Without success, mouse Orion says him, "Every pot finds a lid!", because Gojko does not hear, just looks at who will be ridiculously laugh at his looks.

top Everything happens first time, outsider drawing, funny tale

Leonard, Paul and Pepe (from left to right) are ghoulish ghosts whose favorite party is to suddenly enter into other worlds. Immediately afterwards, this trio, with the thunderous screaming, rushed in the pursuit of the bewildered beings, enjoying in their panic and their fear in bones. Then they retire to their secret castle, where they slowly talk with tea and biscuits about how fun their last appearance was. The picture depicts their coming into the World of Fantasy, at their accident just in the area Gray Spikyheads, who are known to everyone, are extremely non-,hospitable, prone to violence and do not know the fear. So Leonard, Paul and Pepe will experience an unpleasant surprise for the first time, their new experience will be pervaded with pain and humiliation. We wish them good luck to return to theirs home, now it is not necessary to break the head about what kind of psychological and physical condition they will be.

top The story of the fog, outsider painting, fantastic story

The inhabitants of the World of Fantasy know how dangerous it is to walk through the fog, my children, "Old Bone told us," because the fogs sometimes hide the beings of evil and other surprises that you do not want to experience. Therefore always have the root of the angelic plant - angelica archangelica - with you in the days when dense fog is expected. Those who did not listen to this advice, after passing through the fog, they were forced to live in some other, foreign world.

top Kissing in the World of Fantasy, contemporary artwork + story

In humans the kiss begins when the lips touch other lips - or some other part of the partner's body - however in these beings the kiss starts before the physical contact. This beautiful couple in love - thanks to the ability of distance sensation - even before the lips join, feel the compatibility in the emotions and the quality of passion. Their love chemistry is at a high level and they are confident that they can safely indulge in a complete experience of giving and receiving. But they will not rush with their love journey, because every sincere form of exchange of tenderness and passion at these beings takes a very long time.