top Djecak s drvenim okom A boy with a wooden eye

On planet Earth, there are people that say they have the evil eye, when they look at you, you feel uncomfortable, like would from their eyes - in our eyes - a rush some evil and settle your body. In the World of Fantasy short period implanted unhappy person, which would remain without his eye, a wooden eye. This rarely wood from which the wooden eyes were made is very hard and is not subject to rust, so it was considered an excellent choice. When it was found that such a wooden eye, somehow affecting his new owner, changing his personality, ceased with such a practice of artificial eye instill. Today in the World of Fantasy, of all the people which a wooden eye is instill, sometimes appears the boy in the image. Usually at dusk, or in the calm before the storm, suddenly, you feel that you are being observed. When you see it motionless, how silently staring at you in their strange clothes, get you some mild creeps and feeling unpleasant situation. In his view, you feel no pronounced and loud questions, but you are not sure which one. It is only clear to you that the boy will not leave of you, and a world you do not know will knit with yours. To avoid possible worsening of your safety, it is best to move away slowly and then run faster and squeeze your amulet with you, if you have it.

top zivotna forma Life Form

This form of life appears on the horizon of the World of Fantasy, always away from the observer. This is explained by his shyness, and residents of the World of Fantasy are respected it.

top cuvari Svijeta Fantazije The Guardians of the World of Fantasy

The creator of a Fantasy World created these Guardians to watch and defend the beings who inhabiting this colorful world. It is possible that, when viewing these images from the World of Fantasy, some viewer considers ugly some of the beings he sees, scenes with total stupidity, a drawing of a moronic work, etc., and thus sends an embarrassing thought that could ruin the system of livelihood in the World of Fantasy. At that moment, the Guardians enter the scene, catching the enemy's vibrations of that sort - spoken or just in the minds of the observer - and throwing them into a black hole. In the World of Fantasy there are a variety of evil creatures, but there are even more innocent, helpless forms of life that deserve every protection. The Guards after destroying malicious thoughts about Earth Fantasy, send a message to the negative viewer: Watch the world in which you live and see what it is! Look at yourself!

top Art galerija Svijeta Fantazije, jedna slika Art Gallery of th...

The presentation of a new work in the art gallery of the World of Fantasy attracted many different creatures, whoever who considered that the environment should be experienced as a culturally-built person, was in the public. Cancer Nenad, who was recently enriched by eating dried figs, sat in the first place and wondered what was so remarkable in the colored eggs shown in the picture. Then come Mr. Fric Theory, a prominent art critic, alpha & omega of cultural scene of the World of Fantasy.
- You look at the masterpiece of creative art! - he roared a voice which is not contradicted - I had the time to establish that the image contains all the elements of a superior artistic pleasure, but also much more. The number of dots in each egg, if included in any mathematical formula, always gives a score of 5. This can also be claimed for each color. It is well known that the five number indicates creativity in the work - as the hand has five fingers - only the hand genius thought materializes in top art!
Cancer Nenad secretly looked at his pliers, two tongs. The thought that he will never become part of the world of art passes like a lightning strike to his body, to the tip of each of his eight legs.

top Geometrijanos Geometricos old bone art stara kost

We sat at the table and discussed how to resist the attacks of evilsnails
when the door to our shelter was opened and explorer Pepe Fajgl went in, all breathless.
"Misfortune never comes alone," he said as he sat on the chair, "Geometricos appeared in the east of the Earth of Fantasy, in the abandoned pyramids. It is moving slowly but has already sucked and digested many living beings. Mika Trta has, in my eyes, become a ball or perhaps a triangle."
The emergence of Geometrycos in Earth Fantasy is no news, this enormous machine - some claim biomechanical creature - periodically devastates an area of the World of Fantasy from every form of life. It is not known where it then disappears, but behind it remains a pile of very hard cubes and other geometric shapes. The inhabitants of the World of Fantasy are angry and sad watching the wreckage left by and complaining to the unhappy beings that Geometricos was eating. Time cures anger, and when the sorrow passes, they collect cubes and squares, noting that it is a very good material for building houses and other objects. It is very likely that the remains of Mike Trte will be great in the near future as part of someone's home.

top Negdje u Svijetu fantazije Somewhere in the World of Fantasy

When in one newspaper reports that Wormfigures lives in a drop of water from the swamp - the size of an atom - a loud controversy has begun among scientists and philosophers of the World of Fantasy.
"That's a dumb one not true," said Dr. Gege, "and it will be proved that one of the Wormfigures extends through many galaxies and we live in a one atom of their bodies!
It is unnecessary to cite here the arguments of one side and counter-arguments of the other side on the size and spatial location of the Wormfigures. That is why it should be said that everyone agrees that the Wormfigures are extremely territorial beings and will fight for the area they consider their to last breath.

top Neobojani Uncolored old bone stara kost umjetnost art

It is difficult to live in the World of Fantasy if you want to be what you are, in character, satisfied with your own external appearance. In the World of Fantasy there are many creatures that will take everything in their ability to paint you with some colors, leaving some stain on you. Gray Fred knows best, there is no day to keep up the heavy battles, firmly convinced that he has the right to live as much as he is different from the rules that society thinks appropriate.

top Rok bend iz Svijeta Fantazije Rock band from the World of Fan...

The human race from Earth would probably be astonished by the performance of this band from the World of Fantasy, which has the name of Rock Diverzants. There is no need to discuss the quality of music performed by these lovers in music art, and the more interesting fact is that they are unexpectedly appearing at various places gathering - for various reasons - a multitude of beings. Then with a lot of emotions performing their own play, their need to expressing their wiew of rock music's in front of the assembled beings, is fulfilled. Nothing will prevent them from expressing themselves in any place, even though they have been beaten many times in some conservative areas of the World of Fantasy.

top Pticostoli 2 Birdapostles 2

About the birdapostles, addicts to sniffing the bird feather, I spoke already in the post - see -
but these interesting residents of the Magic Valley deserve more attention due to their imagination shown in the drawing. It is well-known that a psychically stable birdapostles once daily sniffs his bird (usually a canary or parakeet at home) and so in a moderate and healthy way he constantly contributes to his physical and intellectual development. The largest number of birdapostles have been proven, with time becoming sick - addicts to bird scents and constantly looking for new species of birds to satisfy their need for fragrant bird feathers in their nose. Finally, as the ultimate pleasure of sniffing, Olimp delight, there remains the Orangebeak, the birds whose smell - as birdssniffers claim - bring to the state of Nirvana. The problem is that the Orangebeak, that beautiful and delicate bird, dies if it only gets caught in hand, there is no talk of life in captivity. That is why two experienced birdapostles have to associate and carefully carry out the next procedure (which is a strictly guarded secret). First they excavate, in the area of the Orangebeak, the hole in the earth where one of them lie down, then the other covers with the earth, so that his nose is just above the ground. A special blend of seeds is then scattered around the nose with the larger pile in front of the nostrils. The birdapostles helper then leaves and the buried birdsniffer wait patiently, not moving, hoping this plan will succeed. The experienced birdsniffer is able to remain motionless for a week, catching with its exquisite flair smells of this extraordinary bird.

top Putnici koji to nisu trebali biti Passengers who are not supp...

Thousands of years, until the middle of the 16th century, these beautiful flowers lived on Earth, in Europe, mostly in Italy and Austria. They were skillfully hiding in the inaccessible mountain peaks - to avoid contact with the man - until they were sure that there would be no peaceful coexistence with people. Today, the flowers are flying to some of the universe, from star to star, leaving their native planet to people convinced that they are the most evolved creatures that the Earth has given.