top Picnic On The Grass II

40" x 60"H: Done in a graffiti style, this painting pokes fun at Manet's sexist point of view in his painting of the same subject.

top 10. Picnic On The Grass II, detail
top 11. Vandalized Graffiti

40" x 60"W: In New York City graffiti is regularly removed by order of government officials. Since graffiti is considered vandalism graffiti artists are prosecuted as criminals and their work is destroyed. Artists and their works are protected by international laws. Is government sponsored destruction of street art not government sponsored vandalism?

top 12. Vandalized Graffiti, detail
top 13.Blue Marilyn

36"H x 24"W: Would Marilyn Monroe be remembered today if she were required to wear a burqa? I vandalized her poster with paint and a black marker, destroying her image, much as a top to toe garment destroys a woman's image and makes her anonymous.

top 14. Blue Mari;yn, detail

A very sad Marilyn Monroe wrapped in a burqa.

top 15. Godfather

36"H x 24"W: Hollywood created an icon in the movie "The Godfather" and an already famous Marlon Brando was instantly recognized everywhere. A vandalized poster changes perceptions.

top 16. Godfather In A Burqa, detail
top Woman

36" x 24"W: Had Marilyn Monroe worn a burqa as an adult what kind of career could she have had? This vandalized poster of a movie idol reflects the many layers of abuse and humiliation she could have suffered. While graffiti makes a bold statement, vandalism as a style, destroys what is.

top 18. Woman, detail

The burqa,when intended as protection for a woman, hardly prevents the male eyes that see her from seeing a woman. As her individuality, the details of her being, are hidden by the burqa she becmes more than ever just a woman. Even a man who wears a burqa is seen as a woman.